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Employees with Disabilities Assistance Program Funded

Published: June 1, 2009

The Employees with Disabilities Assistance Program will be funded for 2009-10. The program, administered through the Office of Equity and Diversity, assists eligible employees with a physical or mental condition which impairs a major life activity, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and AB2222.

The program allows for new and current employees to request auxiliary aid/adaptive equipment which reasonably accommodates their physical or mental limitations.

Qualified employees may request an allocation for auxiliary aid to employ assistants to perform job duties limited by their disability or medical condition. Examples of job duties which might be impaired are manual operations (dexterity), reading (print character differentiation), and conducting discussions (hearing).

Adaptive equipment is considered non-standard, specialized equipment/device that enables qualified employees to perform essential job duties either more effectively or more efficiently. Examples include large-print computer monitors (sight), portable telecommunications devices (hearing), print magnifiers (sight), audio receivers (hearing), and audio amplifiers (speaking).

Equipment and services which administrative divisions or colleges normally and routinely provide to all employees may not be funded under this program.

Requests for next academic year are now being accepted for consideration. If you are interested and eligible to benefit from this program, contact the Office of Equity and Diversity at 562/985-8490 or e-mail Jan Reyes before Wednesday, July 1. Prompt action will help plan for assistance needed for the 2009-10 academic year.