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Union Pacific Railroad Supports Engineering With $7,000 Gift

Published: May 15, 2009

In recognition of CSULB’s ethnic diversity within its College of Engineering (COE) and throughout the campus, Union Pacific Railroad has donated $7,000 to the COE to create several scholarships for students studying engineering.

This latest gift adds to $10,000 that was donated by Union Pacific to the COE last October.

“Union Pacific’s gift will help students whose budgets would otherwise leave little room for personal exploration beyond what they are given in the classroom and what they learn on their own,” said Paul Nguyen, president of the campus’ Associated Engineering Student Body (AESB) chapter. “The gift also demonstrates the strength of our corporate partnerships, a valuable legacy here at CSULB that strengthens our reputation for the future.”

The donation is designated to support four engineering student groups. Approximately $2,000 will be used for student awards and recruitment events for programs that involve CSULB’s partner the Society of Women Engineers. Another $2,000 will be awarded to students involved with the university’s partnerships with the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

“Diversity is a catalyst for innovation and a breeding ground for creativity to flourish,” said Nguyen. “Having students from a wide variety of backgrounds brings multiple perspectives to the table where unique, fascinating and highly-effective solutions are developed.”

Union Pacific

The remaining $3,000 will be awarded to the AESB for students’ registration in national conferences or competitions hosted by the students’ respective engineering groups.

To be eligible, student award recipients should have a declared engineering major with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The president of the AESB will be responsible for collecting request proposals from the student groups and allocating the funding.

“At Union Pacific, diversity is a practice more than a policy. We understand and appreciate the competitive advantage of embracing a diverse work force and work hard to ensure that we provide an atmosphere where differences of all kinds are respected,” said Brent Litjen, Union Pacific’s regional recruitment manager. “In the same thread, California State University, Long Beach provides quality engineers from proven curriculum, and we take pride in our relationship with the university.”