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Laurels: May 2009

Published: May 15, 2009

Lesley Farmer, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling, conducted a five-day workshop on information literacy instruction for librarians in the United Arab Emirates in April.

Susan Gomez-Zwiep, Science Education, presented two papers at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. “Establishing Access to Science through the Back Door: What are Elementary Teachers’ Perspectives on the Integration of English Language Development and Science Instruction?” was co-authored with colleague William Straits, Science Education, and “The Relationship between Mathematics Achievement and Chemistry Achievement in a Low-Performing, Urban High School” was co-authored with graduate student Susan Hunt. Gomez-Zwiep also presented a pair of papers at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. “Investigating Mathematics Learning Within an Alternative Pathway to Secondary Teacher Certification” was presented with colleague Babette Benken, Mathematics, and “Professional Development in Higher Education: Enhancing Teacher Education Programs for English Language Learners’ Success” was presented with colleagues Huong Nguyen, Teacher Education, Karen Hakim-Butt, Single Subject Credential Program and Benken.

Laura Henriques, Science Education, presented “Examining Relationships Between Expert and Pre-Service Teachers at a Summer Science Camp” with former graduate student Shehzad Bhojani at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. She also coordinated the Mentor/Mentee Nexus and the New Researcher and Junior Faculty Early Career discussion at the conference.

Maulana Karenga, Africana Studies, gave a series of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lectures during Black History Month which included the Martin Luther King Memorial Lecture titled “The Challenge of King in Changing Times: Reaffirming His Message and Meaning” at the College at Brockport, State University of New York, Feb. 10; the Annual Martin Luther King Lecture of the same title at CSULB, Feb. 5; and a lecture titled “Living the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.: Building and Sustaining the Beloved Community” at The Summit: Building the Beloved Community Conference, the United African Ministerial Action Council, San Diego, Feb. 20.

Jim Kisiel, Science Education, presented “Bringing the Outside In: A Closer Look at Informal Learning Institutions and Their Role in the Science Classroom” to the annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association. He also presented three papers at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching — “High School Students’ Awareness and Misconceptions Related to Solar Cells” with former graduate student Padmini Kishore; “Macro-Scale Structure of Activity Aquarium Touch Tanks: Examining Visitor Engagement Through Talk and Action” with colleague Shawn Rowe of Oregon State University and “Why Do They Do It? Identifying Factors That Characterize Teachers Who Use Informal Science Institutions.” Additionally, Kisiel presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, “Identifying Factors That Influence Teacher Use of Informal Science Institutions,” and served on an international panel discussing “Preparing Teachers Outside the Box: Using Free Choice Learning Environments to Support Teacher Education.”

Barry Lavay, Kinesiology, attended the National Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference held in Tampa, Fla., where he delivered a position paper developed for the Adapted Physical Activity Council of AAHPERD. The co-presentation by Lavay, R. Lytle, and T. Rizzo was titled “Preparing Highly Qualified Adapted Physical Education Teachers.”

Lionel Mandy, Africana Studies, presented a paper titled “Vusumazulu Credo Mutwa and the Dilemma of Azania: Solution or Surrender?” at the 15th annual conference, held at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar in Dakar, Senegal, from April 1-3.

James Manseau Sauceda and Christina Morehead, Communication Studies, performed a two-hour interactive session at the President’s Forum on International Human Rights: Exploring Challenges to Free Expression and Belief on March 4-6. Their presentation-performance was titled “Freedom of Religious Belief: Sacred and Shared ‘Commandments’” in the USU Ballrooms. Morehead is an alumna from the Communication Studies program and was a member of the Rainbow Voices Diversity Performance Troupe directed by Manseau Sauceda. Manseau Sauceda performed his original poetry and original solo piano composition at the “Todos Somos Califas” Poetry Slam. He also served as co-master of ceremonies sharing the stage with featured artist Jesus “Tatos” Laviera (Nu Yor Rican bilingual poet) at the USU Southwest Terrace on April 16. In addition, Manseau Sauceda delivered the opening plenary keynote address for the statewide CATESOL Conference (California Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages) in Pasadena on April 16.

Catherine Martin-Dunlop, Science Education, presented “Using Concept Maps to Evaluate Understandings of the Nature of Science among Prospective Elementary Teachers” at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. She also presented a paper co-authored with her former graduate student, Ronald Rita, at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. The paper, “Perceptions of the Learning Environment and Associations with Achievement of Gifted and Non-Gifted Biology Students,” has also been accepted for publication in the international journal Learning Environments Research.

William A. Mulligan, Journalism, gave an invited paper presentation at the Spring National College Media Advisers Convention, New York, March 14-17. The professional development presentation titled “Web News Story Posting Now First for Publications” examined the news media in the age of convergence with a focus on quality control. The paper showed that traditional methods and timelines of delivering quality news reports are ineffective with today’s convergence of news media. This professional development presentation provided advisers of student news media (newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, Web sites and yearbooks) the steps in producing Web versions of a news story—with photos, audio and video—immediately as they develop, including the professional quality control steps of re-writing, copy editing and updating.

John P. Murray, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling, published Gibson, J. R., & Murray, J. P. (2009), “Maneuvering the Role as a Community College Artist-Educator: Scholarship Assessed,” Community College Review, 36(4), 326-346.

Lori Reich and Barry Lavay, Kinesiology, recently co-authored “Physical Education and Sport Adaptations for Students Who Are Hard of Hearing” in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 80 (3), 38-42; 49.

William Ritz, Science Education, presented several “A Head Start on Science” workshops with the University of the Pacific’s Greg Potter. The pair shared ideas about teaching science to young children at the spring Math/Science Conference of the Council of Math/Science Educators of San Mateo County held in Redwood City and at the annual conference of the California Association for the Education of Young Children held in Sacramento. Ritz was invited by the Office of Head Start to serve on a team of educators asked to help design a series of science webcasts to be made available to Head Start teachers and administrators across the U.S. this spring. The first of the webcasts titled “Let’s Do Science!” aired on March 5.

Christine Rodrigue, Geography, co-authored with Eugenie Rovai of CSU Chico a presentation to the annual meeting of the Western Social Science Association in Albuquerque in April. The title of their paper was “Marijuana Cultivation in National Forests and Parks, Environmental Impacts, and Policy Failure: Disaster by Management.”

Ron Schmidt, Political Science, has published a co-authored article: “Acculturation Orientations and Social Relations Between Immigrant and Host Community Members in California” with Richard Y. Bourhis, Genevieve Barrette and Shaha El-Geledi, Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 40:3 (May 2009), pp. 443-467. In March, Schmidt attended the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association in Vancouver, B.C., where he presented a paper on “Perceptions of Context and Immigrant Settlement Policy in the United States: Toward a Value-Critical Policy Analysis” and presented at workshops on “Critical Discourse Analysis” at the Methods Cafe and on “Reframing the Immigration Debate” at the Latino Politics Workshop.

Paul Scotton, Classics, has been appointed as a research associate of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. The appointment will run concurrently with his appointment here at CSULB.

Ray Stefani, Electrical Engineering, contributed to a John Branch article, “Free Throws, 50 Years of Practice is No Help” in the March 4 edition of the New York Times. Stefani also had two bylines that day, “Game that inspired ‘Hoosiers’ shows how free throws have changed” and “The impossible takes a little while.” Stefani was interviewed on March 6 on the Michael Smerconish syndicated sports radio show about the articles.

Shira Tarrant, Women’s Studies, presented on a panel titled “Going Group: How Blogging in Numbers Gets It Done” on March 29 at the Women, Action and the Media conference sponsored by the Center for New Words at M.I.T.

Victor C. X. Wang, Professional Studies, published “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community: Volume I, Strategic Approaches” in 2008 (Krieger Publishing, Florida) and “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community: Volume II, Teaching and Learning” in 2009 (Krieger Publishing, Florida). National Academic Advising Association Journal and Midwest Book Review published positive reviews for Volume I. Both volumes already have been adopted as a required textbook by several universities including two research I campuses. In addition, Anadolu University Press in Turkey published Wang’s refereed chapter titled “Marketing and Promoting Online Adult Education” in a book titled Challenges Facing Marketing in Distance and Online Learning Environments: An Integrated Approach.

T. Alex Washington, Social Work, presented a paper at the 22nd Annual International Conference on Social Work in Cairo, Egypt, held March 10-12. Washington’s paper was titled “Stigma as a Barrier to HIV Prevention in East Africa.” The conference was attended by professors, practitioners and researchers from around the world.

Suzanne Wechsler, Geography, gave a presentation titled “Accuracy Versus Shape: An Assessment of LiDAR Interpolations” to the March annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers held in Las Vegas.

Terry Witkowski, Marketing, presented “Strategic Management of an Offshore Degree Program: SWOT Analysis and Action Plan” at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute in Kauai, Hawaii, on April 7-10. The paper was published in the proceedings.