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Partners for Success Faculty Mentoring Program Taking Applications Through May 8

Published: May 1, 2009

The Partners for Success Faculty Mentoring Students Program at CSULB is accepting applications for faculty mentors for the 2009-10 academic year with an application filing deadline of Friday, May 8.

Faculty selected for the program will work with first-generation undergraduate students outside of the classroom experience to provide a sense of direction with academic, career and/or personal goals.

The Partners for Success Program was initiated in 1988 with retention as its major goal. Among it’s other goals are:

• To develop and implement a proactive model to retain students.
• To help participants persist to graduation.
• To match faculty members with first generation undergraduate students and provide assistance.
• To create an environment where faculty members work directly with students to provide a sense of direction regarding their career plans, personal adjustments to the university, family-related issues, and referrals to university resources.
• To develop a network of faculty and student-peer support systems.
• To increase faculty and student awareness of the university services.
• To create a sense of community for program participants within the university
• To lessen the gap between faculty and students as well as humanize the student-faculty relationship.

Photo by Michael Jackson
Partners for Success graduating seniors from 2008-09 at its 20th anniversary celebration.

The program pairs students with faculty members, who act as advisors, helping students become comfortable and successful in the university environment. Faculty mentors will participate in program meetings, submit paperwork regarding their mentees, and will receive compensation. For a Faculty Mentor Program application, program/mentor overview and further information, contact Carol Menard Fulthorp by e-mail or call 562/985-7562.