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CSULB Named Among “America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools”

Published: March 2, 2009

The Industrial Design Department at CSULB has been named one of “America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools” for 2009 by DesignIntelligence, a bi-monthly report produced by the Design Future Council.

CSULB’s Industrial Design Department placed 13th in the report’s undergraduate category in the “Top 15 Industrial Design Programs 2009” survey.

“This reaffirms that our graduates are some of the best-trained new professionals entering the field of industrial design,” said Assistant Professor David Teubner, a CSULB alum who also serves as coordinator for the campus’ Industrial Design Program. “Unlike most of our competitors, we do not maintain a promotional staff nor do we have a promotional budget. We rely on our alumni to spread the word and maintain our reputation through their excellent achievements.”

For a decade, DesignIntelligence surveyed organizations and campuses across the nation to determine which produces graduates meeting and exceeding the demands of professional practice. The report is the definitive source for information on accredited U.S. architecture and design schools as determined by practitioners who employ design professionals.

The overall function of the report is to provide students, parents, counselors and industry professionals with targeted and timely information as a tool to determine the nation’s top performing schools and as a benchmark for evaluating other programs. The report is also the regular source of information for such media outlets as Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and NPR.

Design Intelligence

From architecture and landscape architecture, to interior and industrial design, some of the findings regarding design schools in “America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools” include:

• the programs that best prepare students for the rigors of professional practice
• how design programs meet emerging needs in the fields
• the most admired design educators
• the programs that are a good value for the investment
• where might design firms recruit top graduates.

The Design Future Council is a global network of design community professionals with a mission to explore trends, changes, and new opportunities in design, architecture, engineering, and building technology. Members include leading architecture and design firms, dynamic manufacturers, and service providers. Being ranked 13th by DesignIntelligence is quite an accomplishment since there are more than 100 undergraduate industrial design programs at public and private universities nationwide, according to Teubner.

“It always amazes me that we are able to attract talented and motivated students from around the world in spite of the fact that we do so little promotion. Our competition works much harder to attract their students,” he said. “I have always been proud of the fact that we offer a degree program that can hold its own against private programs that cost five to 10 times as much. This sort of recognition proves it.”