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‘K-Jazz’ Among Nations’ Top 5 Most Listened to Public Stations

Published: December 15, 2008

According to data from Arbitron’s summer ratings period, KKJZ “K-Jazz” 88.1 FM, the radio station of CSULB, has risen to the top five most listened-to of all public radio stations in the country.

The report also indicates that KKJZ has substantially widened its rank as America’s number one most listened-to jazz station, rising to a weekly cumulative listenership of more than 455,000 persons.

“K-Jazz is not just the leader of a niche format, but also a national force in public radio as a whole,” said Saul Levine, president of Global Jazz Inc.

“We are extremely excited and pleased to be reaching new audiences as well as loyal K-Jazz listeners,” added CSULB President F. King Alexander. “The future of jazz resides in our ability to reach new audiences and to positively impact new generations of listeners. In addition, we are very pleased to know that students involved with the station also have helped play a role in advancing this great jazz mission.”

“It’s really gratifying to see these results,” said station manager Stephanie Levine-Fried. “It confirms that our efforts at KKJZ coupled with the steadfast support of members worldwide have turned Los Angeles into the global radio capital for jazz.”