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Boeing Company Presents $140,000 to CSULB

Published: December 1, 2008

Representatives from The Boeing Company have presented a check for $140,000 to CSULB that will be used to support scholarships and student organizations in five of the university’s eight colleges – Engineering, Education, Business Administration, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

“The Boeing Company has been one of this university’s main partners for a number of years, and to me it is one of the great public-private partnerships we have at Cal State Long Beach,” said CSULB President F. King Alexander. “It really is a wonderful example of what can be done when a public institution and leading private entity work together toward a common goal.”

For Cal State Long Beach, the Boeing donation represents one of the largest grants the company provides annually to any institution, and it places CSULB among the top tier of universities in the nation receiving support from Boeing. Alexander pointed out that Boeing’s support of CSULB through the years has reached nearly $3 million.

“It is a big pleasure for me to be here to present this check to Cal State Long Beach,” said Dave Bowman, vice president and general manager of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems’ Tanker Program, who noted that he was born and raised in Long Beach, went to Jordan High School and attended CSULB. “Boeing has been a partnered with Cal State Long Beach for a long time, and we want to make it even stronger for all of the right reasons — not only to help the university but to help us as well.

“As you know, the world is changing,” he added. “Intelligent, new kinds of technologies and new kinds of innovation are needed more now than ever before, especially with what is currently going on with the economy. These types of partnerships are how we are going to get out of this in the future so that we can move forward even stronger.”

The College of Engineering receives the largest share of the funds — $50,500, including $48,000 going toward undergraduate scholarships for its various majors (electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, etc.) with a focus on filling the industry’s future workforce needs. The remaining money will support its engineering student societies.

The College of Education gets $25,000, which will go toward scholarships for students seeking single-subject credentials in math and science. The College of Business Administration collects $24,000, including $18,000 for student scholarships and $6,000 for student societies.

President Alexander and Dave Bowman of Boeing
Photo by David J. Nelson
CSULB President F. King Alexander (l) accepts check from Boeing’s Dave Bowman.

The remaining distribution of funds includes $21,500 to the College of Liberal Arts and $19,000 to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, both of which will use the funds for scholarships.

“I take a great deal of pride in the fact that other than the University of Washington, the work that Boeing does with us probably places us second in the country in the amount of support they’ve given us and in the number of our graduates they’ve hired from our institution or are in internships on an on-going basis,” Alexander noted. “It really has been an effective partnership from day one, but none of this would happen at all if it wasn’t for the foresight and the support of Boeing.

“Boeing understands the significance of human capital and highly trained workers,” he added. “The types of skills Boeing needs from its employees are growing everyday, and we’ve got to keep up with them to make sure that the graduates we are producing are addressing the needs that important industries like Boeing have.”