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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB Library
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Your Library Password

It's easy and quick to create your Library Password:  just go to COAST, click on "My Library Account," and follow the instructions!  Just a reminder: If you are attempting to create your Password from home and are an AOL subscriber, please do not use your AOL browser. Please use instead either Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or Netscape version 6.1 or higher. Thanks.

Why do you need a Library Password? The Library Password is your key to convenience. With it, you can do the following . . .

1.    Use the Library's Research Databases from off campus

2.    View Your Library Account

After you create your Library Password, you can go to "My Library Account" to see what books you have checked out and when they are due. It's a great way to keep track of what you have borrowed from the Library.

You also use this option to find out whether materials you have requested from other libraries (through Link+ or BeachReach Interlibrary Services) have arrived.

3.    Renew Books

You can renew books up to 4 times electronically -- no waiting in line at the Circulation Desk. Remember, though, some items cannot be renewed. From COAST, click on "My Library Account."  Enter your name, CSULB campus I.D. number, and Library Password. You'll see everything you currently have checked out, and will be given the option to renew them. If you try to renew materials that cannot be renewed, COAST will tell you, "RENEW NOT ALLOWED."

4.    Recall Materials

If someone has a CSULB Library item currently checked out, you can "recall" the item. This means that the person is asked to return the material by a certain date, and cannot renew the item. Once the material is returned, you are guaranteed to be the next person to get the item (unless someone has recalled the item before you). When you find an item in COAST that is checked out, click on "Recall." Enter your name, CSULB campus I.D. number, and Library Password to recall the item. Before you RECALL an item check Link+ to see if another library has it. If it is available using Link+, it will likely be faster to request it than to Recall the book (depends on the due date).

5.    Request that the Library get materials for you that were NOT AVAILABLE at CSULB

You can get it here FREE. That's right -- if we don't have it here at CSULB (or if it's checked out to someone else), we will get it for you free of charge. You have a number of options on how you can get materials from elsewhere. From COAST, click on "Do you need Materials Not Available at CSULB?" to find out more about these services. Remember, some of these services can take 7 to 10 days, so allow yourself plenty of time.

6.   Use SignUpTM Express to use a computer at selected locations within the Library

SignUp assigns selected computers in the Library to valid users.  Using SignUp Express is easy.  Simply start at the SignUp computer and enter your Campus ID number and Library Password. The Express computers are located on every floor and give you a place to check your email or BeachBoard courses or any Library resource quickly.

If you haven't already done so, please go to My Library Account now!

If you have any problems with creating your Password, come by or contact (562 985-5512) the Library Circulation Desk or email the Library Web Group.  We can help you!!

You are now done with Reading 2 for Section 2!

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"Finding Books and Journals:  Reading 3: "Using Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals."