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Information Competency: An Annotated Webliography

Tutorials & Courses


Library Basics Tutorial

Your students can learn the basics of using the library through this simple tutorial.  Online video segments are integrated into this tutorial.

SURF (under construction) New.

The SURF tutorial is design for undergraduate students in general education courses, working on 2-5 page paper, speeches or presentations.  The tutorial will help them find, analyze and incorporate scholarly research into their papers and assignments. Students can log in and answer questions about their own assignments and have the option of emailing the results directly to instructors.  The tutorial can be assigned in sections throughout the semester.

At Other Universities

Bruin Success with Less Stress

UCLA Library's tutorial about file sharing, plagiarism, academic integrity, intellectual property and more.

"Teaching undergrads WEB evaluation : A guide for library instruction"

By Jim Kapoun, a reference and instruction librarian at Southwest State University.

INTERNET NAVIGATOR: Utah's First On-line Multi-Institutional Internet Course.

This course requires a Flash enabled browser.

TILT: Texas Information Literacy Tutorial

This is probably the best web-based interactive tutorial introducing research resources and skills.

LOBO: Library Online Basic Orientation

This tutorial from the North Carolina State University has a very extensive tutorial covering library research.

CSU Information Competencies Tutorials

These 9 modules were created at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA and teach basic library skills.

UCLA College Library exercise on how to evaluate web sites.This site is designed for undergraduates and provides information on web evaluation.

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Library Assignment Pages

CSULB Library Designing Effective Library Assignments

Find out how to incorporate the CSULB Library into your assignments.

CSULB librarians by subject

Get to know your Subject Librarian! Schedule instruction sessions or get assistance with designing information literate library assignments!

Creating Effective Library Assignments (University of Maryland) 

This site provides a nice outline of why and how to design library assignments.

Effective library assignments (Bowling Green University)

Another site with tips for designing library assignments. Also provides interesting alternatives to traditional term papers.

Tips for Library Assignments & Term Paper Alternatives (UC Berkeley)

These sites provide detailed information regarding useful tips that can be applied to any library and university course.

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Information Competency Links

Information Competence Initiative

This site is the focal point for the California State University Information Competence Initiative as well as provides links to other information literacy resources.

"Directory of Online Resources for Information Literacy"

This large site, full of links to resources for IL, is edited by Drew Smith and sponsored by the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida.

Information Literacy in a Nutshell

Association of College & Research Libraries/ACRL's Institute for Information Literacy primer on information literacy for faculty and academic administrators.

"Information Literacy Sites; Background and Ideas for Program Planning and Development"

By Esther Grassian and Susan E. Clark. College & Research Libraries News, February 1999.

"Understanding Information Literacy"

U.S. Department of Education publication by Barbara Humes from the Office of Educational Research, National Institute on Postsecondary Education, Libraries and Lifelong Learning.

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Information Competency Standards

Association of College and Research Libraries new "Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education" were endorsed by the American Association for Higher Education.

CSULB Library's Information Literacy Minimum Standards for Undergraduates.

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Books & Articles about Information Competency

Books about Information Competencies

  • Integrating information literacy into higher education curriculum: practical models for transformation by Ilene Rockman (4th floor ZA 3075 I57 2004)
  • Information literacy: essential skills for the information age by Michael Eisenberg, Carrie Lowe, and Kathleen Spitzer (4th floor ZA 3075 E385 2004)
  • Outcomes assessment in higher education: views and perspectives edited by Peter Hernon and Robert Dugan (3rd floor LB 2331.63 O88 2004)
  • Teaching Information Literacy: 35 practical, standards-based exercises for college students by Joanna Burkhardt, Mary MacDonald, Andrée Rathemacher (4th floor ZA 3075 B87 2003)
  • Hands-on information literacy activities by Jane Birks and Fiona Hunt (4th floor ZA 3075 B57 2003)
  • Managing library instruction programs in academic libraries edited by Julia Nims and Eric Owens (4th floor Z 711.2 M285 2003)
  • Information literacy and workplace performance by Tom Goad (3rd floor LC 149.7 G63 2002)
  • Web of deception: misinformation on the Internet edited by Anne Mintz (4th floor ZA 4201 W43 2002)
  • Making the grade: academic libraries and student success edited by Maurie Caitlin Kelly and Andrea Kross (4th floor Z675 U5 M326 2002)
  • Assessment in college library instruction programs complied by Lawrie Merz and Beth Mark (4th floor Z 711.2 M47 2002)
  • Pathways to knowledge and inquiry learning by Marjorie Pappas and Ann Tepe (3rd floor LB 1027.44 P37 2002)
  • Information literacy instruction: theory and practice by Esther Grassian and Joan Kaplowitz (4th floor ZA 3075 G73 2001)
  • Info tasks for successful learning: building skills in reading, writing and research by Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan (4th floor ZA 3075 K63 2001)

Articles about Information Competencies

  • Kasowitz, A. S. (2002). Information literacy instruction in higher education: trends and issues. ERIC Digest (
  • Bell, S. (2004, February 20) The Infodiet: How libraries can offer an appetizing alternative to Google. The Chronicle of Higher Education. p.15.
  • Kaip, S. (2001). It's not just for term papers: Solving real-life problems in an information literacy course. College & Research Libraries News, 62(5), 496-498.
  • Clay, S. T., Harlan, S., & Swanson, J. (2000). Mystery to mastery: The CSU information competence project. Research Strategies, 17(2-3), 157-166.
  • Jacobson, T. E., & Mark, B. L. (2000). Separating wheat from chaff: Helping first-year students become information savvy. Journal of General Education, 49(4), 256-278.

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