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Thesis and Dissertation Office - Page Order


ATTENTION: Electronic submission of manuscripts is REQUIRED beginning with Fall 2014. Not all web pages have been completely updated and may have contradictory information. Please contact the Thesis and Dissertation Office if you have any questions or concerns about the submission process.


Abstract [number with Arabic numerals if more than 1 page; single page needs no number]

Preliminary Pages (lowercase Roman numerals)

Title Page [counted in numeric sequence but no number]

Copyright Page (optional) [not counted or numbered]

Acknowledgements (optional) [if included, it is the first of preliminary pages to have a page number; must be listed on Table of Contents]

Table of Contents [page number is iii if there is not an Acknowledgements]

List of Tables [counted and numbered]

List of Figures and/or Nomenclature [counted and numbered]

List of Abbreviations [counted and numbered]

List of Works [counted and numbered]

Preface (optional) [counted and numbered]

Text Pages [Arabic numerals]

Chapters in Order [begin with page number "1" at center bottom on first page of first chapter, continue with consecutive numbers to end of manuscript]

Appendix or Appendices Half-Sheet Title Page [if applicable; counted and numbered in sequence]

Appendices in order with Half-Sheet Title Pages preceding each individual Appendix [if applicable; counted and numbered in sequence]

Bibliography or References Half-Sheet Title Page [counted and numbered in sequence]

Bibliography or Reference List [counted and numbered in sequence]