You can subscribe to the Tech Tips podcast so that new episodes automatically show up on your computer or iPod as they are issued.

There are several ways to do this:

  1.  If  iTunes is installed on your computer, use your Web browser to go to this address: The iTunes store will open, displaying the listing of our Tech Tips podcast. Click the SUBSCRIBE button and the episodes will start to appear in your iTunes listings. Click "podcasts" in the menu on the left to see the list of downloaded tech tips. 

  2.  If you use the latest version of either Internet Explorer (version 7) or Firefox (version 2) as a web browser, you can have the new episodes of Tech Tips show up as active bookmarks in your browser. To get started with this, enter the following location into the address area of the browser:

    Your browser will list the episodes and you can view or listen immediately.
    In addition, you will see a SUBSCRIBE NOW (using Firefox 2) button or a SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FEED (using Internet Explorer 7) button.

    If you subscribe using either on of these web browsers, each new episode of CSU Long Beach Tech Tips will automatically show up as a new bookmark as soon as we make them available.

  3. There are also special programs designed just to make it convenient for you to keep track of all your news feeds, podcasts and vodcasts (video podcasts). These are known by various names: Podcatchers, RSS news readers, News feed or RSS aggregators,etc.

    You may already be using one or more of these without even realizing it. Google offers the Google Reader and the personalized Google home page. You can also use a My Yahoo homepage or similar homepage from your internet service provider.

    Most of these personalized homepages allow you to customize them by adding RSS feeds. You should see a menu choice that says "add RSS by URL." The URL you want to enter into the space provided is:

    On My Yahoo Homepage there is a menu that lets you set up an alert that will contact you  by email or cell phone text messege whenever a new Tech Tip is issued.