Multimedia Services - Photography

Digital Photographic Services

Digital photographic services include:

  • Studio portraits
  • Computer-based photo-slide retouching and manipulation
  • Slide scanning for PowerPoint presentations, lectures, web sites, etc.
  • Photographic consultations
  • Color overhead transparencies

Photographer:   Bob Freligh

Contact Information:  985-7859 or

Location:  LA-1 Room 111

All services are gratis; however, we may only support CSULB faculty and staff for university-based projects.

FAQs for Digital Photographic Services

  • Do you loan digital cameras? 
    • Unfortunately, we do not have the inventory to lend cameras.
  • What is your turnaround time? 
    • The typical turnaround time is one to two weeks.
  • Do I need to have a model release form if I take someone's picture? 
    • Yes.  If it is a recognizable photo of someone and is to be published either in print or on the web, you will need a signed release form.  Sample release form.
  • Do you duplicate copyrighted slides or prints?
    • Only with signed written permission from the photographer.  We will need a copy of the permission letter for our files before we can do the work.