BeachBoard Multimedia Consultation and Course Design

Instructional Multimedia Support Services

Provides consulting on best practices for instructional media production

iTunes U  - NEW!

Virtual Classrooms/Elluminate Live!

Elluminate Live! is a real-time virtual classroom environment designed for both distance education and online collaboration. Instructors can use Elluminate Live! to add real-time interaction to distance learning, extend the boundaries of the traditional classroom, and engage more students in more ways.  Workshops, orientation sessions, and handouts on how to use Elluminate Live! are available on the Elluminate Live! page.


  1. Copy Video to a blank DVD from tape or video file.
  2. Video production from scripting to shooting and editing.
  3. Creating an instructional DVD from your video.
  4. Make video segments available on the media server. Links to the video can be placed on BeachBoard pages (example: from Communications Department).
  5. Create and publish video podcasts and include them in BeachBoard and in CSULB on iTunes U. (example from the Chemistry Department).


  1. Recording and Editing.
  2. Creation of an audio CD.
  3. Duplication of your master CD (in batches up to 100).
  4. Creation of MP3 files that students can download to computers and iPods.
  5. Making your audio available to be streamed from the web, including BeachBoard.
  6. Create and publish podcasts and include them in BeachBoard and in CSULB on iTunes U. (example from the CSULB Bob Cole Conservatory of Music).


  1. Download public domain images to use in PowerPoint, BeachBoard and Web.
  2. Organize and edit your digital camera photos on your PC with free software.
  3. Edit images with Adobe's Photoshop software
  4. Create a web photo album.

World Wide Web

  1. Creation, editing and uploading of websites to the CSULB web system using the Dreamweaver software.
  2. Use of FTP software to upload files to the web system, making them available for students to download.

Streaming Media Server

Preparation and uploading of media files (video, audio, MP3, etc.) to be streamed off the campus media server and made available at CSULB web pages or from BeachBoard courses. (audio example: Prof. Giblin's Project Management 503; video example posted by Prof. Bonnie Rader: Career Success)

To schedule a consultation or for more information, please contact:
Walter Gajewski, Instructional Multimedia Coordinator, gajewski*, 562.985.2266, LA 1, Room 107.

BeachBoard Course Design Consultation

We are available to assist instructors in the planning, designing, and development of BeachBoard courses. We also assist with utilizing educational technology throughout the educational process. We partner with instructors to provide instructional design oversight, learning theory/styles application, and appropriate pedagogical principles in the instructional technology course development process. For additional instructional technology tips, please consult the BeachBoard Services Instructor Support organization once you are logged into BeachBoard.

To schedule a consultation or for more information, please contact us.

Faculty Center for Professional Development (FCPD): We also collaborate with the FCPD's elearning consultants in the training and support of BeachBoard courses.