Turnitin Students

Turnitin for Students

After an instructor has created a Turnitin assignment and verified that the Turnitin roster has been synced with BeachBoard, students can submit their assignments.

To do so, students must:

  1. Find the assignment in their Beachboard class under Assignments (check with instructor if it has been posted somewhere else)
  2. Click on View/Complete
  3. The Portfolio Page will come up.
    • If an assignment is available to receive submissions, a "Submit" button will appear to the right of the assignment.
    • If resubmissions are allowed, the button text will read "Resubmit" after the first submission.
    • Click on Expand This Assignment to view more information about an assignment, view the submission, view the Originality Report (if allowed by the instructor), or view the marked paper (if available).
    • Once in the Portfolio Page, a student need not return to BeachBoard Assignments to view another Turnitin assignment within the same course.The Portfolio Page will display all Turnitin assignments available for the course, but not other courses.
  4. Click on Submit
  5. The first of two submission steps will open.
    • The students' name should already be input.
    • Input a submission title (i.e. Joe Smith Paper)
    • Click on "Browse" to find and upload the assignment file.
      • Supported file types: MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF and plain text
  6. Click on Upload
  7. The second submission step will open.
    • A preview is displayed
    • This gives students one final chance to make sure they have submitted the correct paper.
  8. Click on Submit

Students will now be prompted to return to their portfolio page, where they can view the originality report (if available), resubmit the paper (if available), or submit another paper.