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California State University, Long Beach
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Undergraduate Profiles

  • Leita Conklin (2016-present)
  • Megan Wilson (2014-2016) Mass specific oxygen consumption rates relationship for the California horn shark
  • Sarah Luongo (2013-present) Temperature sensitivity of the California horn shark
  • Emily Meese (2013 Senior Honors Thesis) Spatial distribution, habitat selection, and effects of temperature on benthic elasmobranchs at Big Fishermen's Cove, Santa Catalina Island.
  • Justin Hackitt (2010-2011) Differences in tooth morphology across gender and age of the round stingray and the effects of testosterone on tooth development
  • Alyssa Floyd (2007) Fecundity of the California sheephead during the 2005 spawning season
  • Lucia Acosta (2006) Sexually dimorphic dentition in the round stingray it tooth morphology governed by testosterone?
  • Michael Sundberg (2006 Beckman Scholar, senior Honors thesis) Gonad function and development during ovary to testis transition correlated with blood hormone concentrations in California sheephead
  • Eugene Chae (2005-2006) Elemental analysis of rockfish otoliths collected from offshore oil platforms
  • Hayley Zemel (2005-2006) Temperature sensitivity of the round stingray
  • Carrie Wilkinson (2005-2006) Length frequency and seasonality of surf fishes at Seal Beach
  • Robin Morris (2005) Sexual dimorphism in the dentition of the round stingray
  • Chris Penton (2004-2005 Senior Honors Thesis) Sediment grain size preference of the benthic round stingray
  • Julie Ayers (2005) A comparison of the sex ratio of the California sheephead inside and outside a no-take marine reserve
  • Misty Paig-Tran (2004-2005) Digestion efficiency of the round stingray
  • Heather Gliniak (2004) Feeding ecology of the ocean white fish
  • Traci De La Torre (2004) Growth rates of embryos and consumption rates of embryonic egg yolk of the swell shark
  • Lara Freet (2003) Absorption efficiency of nutrients in round stingrays
  • Erica Jarvis (2002 Senior Honors Thesis) Mercury bioaccumulation with age in kelp bass caught near the Isthmus at Santa Catalina Island
  • Petra Johansson (2002-2003) - Caudal spine replacement and histogenesis in the round stingray
  • Kim Anthony (2001) Behavioral time-budget study of the yellow tang in an enclosed ecosystem and in the field, with emphasis on feeding ecology
  • Michelle Balland (2000) Effects of seasonal water temperature changes on fish species abundance and composition off Seal Beach, CA
  • Danielle Mitchell (2000) Stomach content analysis and prey importance of the round stingray
  • Tiffany Royal (2000) The effects of body size on routine and standard metabolic rate of the round stingray
  • Charina Cain (1999) Activity patterns of the kelp bass determine by ultrasonic telemetry in Big Fisherman's Cove
  • Cara Snellen (1999) Essential habitat of kelp bass in Big Fisherman's Cove, Santa Catalina Island
  • Chris Carr (1999) Effects of body size on home range area in kelp bass within a southern California marine reserve
  • Greg Moss (1999) Oxygen consumption in the barred sand bass
  • Darin Topping (1999) Intraspecific variation in the home range of the kelp bass as dictated by local conspecific density
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