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Selected Publications

Publications Most Relevent to Current Projects:

Marcusson, E. G., Horazdovsky, B.F., Cereghino, J.L., Gharakhanian, E. and S.D. Emr. l994.  The sorting receptor for yeast vacuolar CarboxypeptidaseY is encoded by the VPSl0 gene. Cell 77, 579-586.  

**Takahashi, MK, *Frost, C., **Oyadomari, K., **Pinho, M., **Sao, D., *Chima-Okereke, O. and Gharakhanian, E. 2008.  A novel screen for vacuolar defects identifies a unique allele of VPS35 in S. cerevisiaeMolec Cell Biochemistry.   311:121-136.  

**Banuelos, GM, *Moreno, DL, *Olson, DK, **Nguyen, Q, *Ricarte, F, *Aguillera, CR, and Gharakhanian, E. 2010. Genomic Analysis of Severe Hypersensitivity to Hygromycin B Reveals Linkage to Vacuolar Defects and New Vacuolar Gene Functions in S. cerevisiaeCurrent Genetics 56:121-137.

Gharakhanian, E **Chem-Okereke, O, *Olson, DK, ** Frost, C , **Takahashi, MK.  2011. env1 allele of VPS35 exhibits unique vesicular trafficking and vacuolar enzyme processing phenotype. Molec Cell Biochemistry.  346:187-95. 

*Ricarte, F, **Menjivar, R, **Chuun, S, *Soreta, T, **Oliveira, L, **Hsueh, T **Serranilla, M, Gharakhanian, E. 2011 A Genome-wide Immunodetection Screen in S. cerevisiae Uncovers Novel Genes Involved in Lysosomal Vacuole Function and Morphology. PLoS ONE 6(8): e23696. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023696.

*Manandhar, S., *Ricarte,F **Cocca, S, Gharakhanian, E. 2013. Saccharomyces cerevisiae Env7 is a novel serine/threonine kinase 16 (STK16)-related protein kinase and negatively regulates organelle fusion at the lysosomal vacuole. Mol Cell Biol 33: 526-42.

Other student co-authored publications:

Gharakhanian, E., *Sajo, AK, and **Weidman, MK. l995.  SV40 VP1 Assembles into Disulfide-Linked Post-pentameric Complexes in Cell-Free Lysates. Virology 207, 251-254. PMID7871735

**Jao, C., **Weidman, KM., *Perez, A., and E. Gharakhanian. 1999.  Cys9, Cysl04, and Cys207 of simian virus 40 Vp1 are essential for inter-pentamer disulfide-linkage and stabilization in cell-free lysates. J Gen Virology 80:  2481-2489.  

*Orlando, SJ, *Nabavi, M. and E. Gharakhanian, 2000.  Rapid Small Scale Isolation of SV40 Virions and Packaged DNA.  J Virol Methods 90:109-114.


Gharakhanian, E, **Fasching, CL, *Orlando, SJ, and *Perez, AR.  2001. Cys9, Cys104, and Cys207 of simian virus 40 Vp1 are essential for infectious virion formation in CV-1 cells. J Gen Virology 82: 1935-1939.  

Gharakhanian, E, *Munoz, L, and *Mayorca, L. 2003.  SV40 minor structural protein Vp3, but not Vp2, is essential for infectious virion formation. J Gen Virology 84: 2111-2116.  

Gharakhanian, E, *Mana, W, and *Norng, M. 2005. Cys254 and Cys49/87 of simian virus 40 are essential in formation of infectious virions. Virus Research.  105: 21-27.  

*CSULB Undergraduate    **CSULB Master’s student