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  1. Why should I be interested in entrepreneurship?
    • Itís a great opportunity to develop your business, leadership and analytical skills. You can also make connections and meet others that have similar interests. You can win a chance to make your business idea a reality.
  2. How do I apply?
    • Come to the information sessions
    • Follow the instructions on the website to complete the Letter of Intent and Business plans on schedule and submit.
  3. What if Iím interested but not sure I want to be on a team this year?
    • Come to one or more of the information sessions to learn more and see if you really are interested or want to wait. You can meet others who might also have the same questions.
  4. What if I have a great idea but no/not enough team members?
    • Come to our info sessions, matchmaking mixers, and other events to meet other interested students. You can find more information on the website under "getting help".
  5. How many prizes will be awarded and what will they be?
    • There will be one seed funding award and other smaller awards. The amount and number of awards will depend on the level of sponsorship that the Innovation Challenge advisory team is able to secure.
  6. Since the CoE, CBA and COTA are co-sponsoring, what if Iím not in one of those colleges? Can I still participate?
    • This competition is open to all students of CSULB, all majors.
  7. How much of my time will this competition take?
    • That will be up to you and your team. It will depend on how serious you are about winning, how mature your business idea is, how complicated, etc.
  8. How can you Protect Your Idea?