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Portrait of Wendy Reiboldt

Wendy Reiboldt
Professor and Chair, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Health and Human Services

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Donor Profile: Wendy Reiboldt

Wendy Reiboldt says her heart is here at California State University, Long Beach.

She came to The Beach as an assistant professor right out of graduate school. Now, 23 years later, she is the chair of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

Reiboldt believes that giving to the university is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole picture of the university, especially when it comes to supporting student success.

"Fundraising really is something that is integral to carrying out the mission of the university, and I think it is critical for people to understand that," she points out. "It's something that needs to be talked about. Donating to the university is a very positive endeavor. It really comes down to helping people find a way to support projects that are near and dear to their hearts."

Near and dear to Reiboldt's heart is the family and consumer sciences area and people who have made an impact on her personal or professional life.

"I have had a couple of very dear friends, colleagues, who have passed away in the last couple of years, so my giving has, in fact, been people- and discipline-specific in the area of student scholarships," she notes. "I think a lot of people have very positive feelings about giving to student scholarships."