College of Natural Sciencs and Mathematics
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Provide high-quality instruction, learning environments, and laboratories.

Conduct and support original research and creation of knowledge.

Provide opportunities for students to participate in faculty-led research.

Help all CSULB students understand and appreciate the linkages between science, mathematics, and the world around us.

Prepare CNSM students for careers in their chosen fields, for advanced studies, or for teaching/professorial roles.


Recognizing that teaching and research are inextricably linked and that undergraduate research is an integral part of an excellent education, the CNSM is dedicated to student success through outstanding instruction, mentored research experiences, and robust academic advisement and support.

College Highlights

CNSM faculty mentor students in cutting-edge research. The opportunity to put learning into practice and contribute to relevant research, co-author scientific papers, and present at professional meetings as undergraduates makes our students highly competitive for careers, professional schools, and graduate programs.

CNSM science educators prepare more new science teachers than any other CSU campus. Our science education experts are actively contributing to the review and recommendations for California's adoption of Next Generation Science Standards, providing critical input to the state's implementation plan.

The Institute for Integrated Research in Materials, Environments and Society (IIRMES) provides some of the best student training opportunities in the nation. It offers unique access to cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art instrumentation, interdisciplinary collaboration and research opportunities, and in-house expertise not commonly found at public comprehensive universities.

Fundraising Opportunities

Support for Students

Graduate Student Fellowships. To attract and retain top-caliber graduate students who will transform the culture of the college by mentoring undergraduate students, advancing research, and enabling us to offer cutting-edge undergraduate laboratory courses.

Support for Programs

Center for Urban Ocean Studies. To provide an innovative, interdisciplinary urban-ocean collaborative that is focused on how humanity impacts the ocean and where students and faculty can work together toward solutions leading to a healthy and sustainable environment.

IIRMES Proteomics Center. To train students in next-generation biotechnologies critical to the future of personalized medicine, disease detection, therapeutics development, environmental health assessment, and biochemistry research.

Support for Capital Projects

Dean's Research and Technology Fund. To ensure that our teaching and research facilities keep pace with technological innovation so that students are always trained in the most current approaches and techniques used in industry and in advanced graduate and professional programs.


Laura Kingsford | Dean