College of Health and Human Services
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Mission | Vision

Connect, Discover, Educate

The slogan of the College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) reflects its mission to connect to the greater community by providing direct services, discover solutions to societal needs and resources through research, and educate a highly diverse student body in health and human service professions. CHHS is the second largest college at CSULB..

College Highlights

Professional and Management Preparation in most health care fields, hospitality, recreation, fashion design, kinesiology, child development, and criminal justice. Two doctoral degrees and specialized graduate and undergraduate degrees are available.

Community Outreach through twelve clinics, centers, or programs; CHHS provides services to community members while training students.

Commitment to Diversity in the Health Professions by providing research and educational opportunities needed to address health inequalities and facilitate the professional education of students from underserved populations.

Fundraising Opportunities

Academic Transformation Fund

Faculty research support through grants and endowments
Student access and achievement through scholarships, internships, and endowments

Capital Projects Transformation Fund

School of Nursing classroom remodel and equipment
Movement Science lab establishment and development
Hospitality Management lab upgrades and redesign

Community Clinics and Outreach Fund

Community Clinics provide training opportunities for students while simultaneously offering needed services to low-income members of the community. Donations provide general operating support so that services may be offered free or on a sliding scale. Support for the general fund will benefit all clinics, or contributions may be made for specific disciplines.

  • Health on Wheels — mobile nursing services for children and families
  • PT @ the Beach — physical therapy services
  • Speech & Hearing Clinic — diagnostic and therapeutic services for children and adults
  • Child Welfare Training Center — advanced education for Child Protective Services social workers
  • Camp Nugget — a two-week adaptive fitness experience for children with disabilities


Kenneth I. Millar | Dean