The Campaign for California State University, Long Beach

Campaign FAQs

What is the Campaign for CSULB?

Ours is a “comprehensive” campaign, which means that ALL gifts — both capital (buildings, renovations, etc.) AND non-capital (programs, scholarships, etc.) — are counted. Accordingly, our campaign will touch every corner of campus. Our campaign priorities fall broadly into three main categories that reflect the values and focus of the university as a whole:

  • Transformation
    (includes curricular innovations, endowed faculty positions/centers, and academic enhancements)
  • Unequaled Access
    (includes scholarships and programs that ensure timely progress toward degree completion)
  • A Greater Community
    (includes community-outreach initiatives, as well as capital projects such as the new Alumni Center and the renovations at Blair Field)

Why are we launching the Campaign for CSULB?

Campaigns, long a tradition at private universities, are now common at public institutions, as well. We are launching our campaign to help CSULB achieve its mission of STUDENT SUCCESS. This means…

  • Providing a low-cost, high-quality education to a large and diverse student body, 40 percent of whom are the first in their families to go to college
  • Ensuring that our graduates are burdened with no — or minimal — student-loan debt.
  • Providing students with enriching opportunities to take their learning beyond the classroom — into the field, into the lab, into the community, into real-world work environments, etc.

What is the campaign goal?

The university’s goal for “DECLARE: The Campaign for CSULB” is to raise $225 million by December 31, 2015.

Why does CSULB need my gift?

Although CSULB was at one time a “state-supported” institution, the university now receives less than 30 percent of its overall budget from state appropriations. Increasingly, we rely on friends and alumni to fill gaps in funding and to make the visionary gifts that will enhance the student experience and allow the university to reach new levels of excellence.

Is there a minimum campaign gift?

All gifts to the university are needed and appreciated, and gifts of any size count toward our campaign goal. Every gift matters, and every gift makes a difference!

Please note that there are minimum funding requirements to establish an endowment (a fund that is invested and whose earnings are used to support a purpose specified by the donor). To learn more about endowment, please visit

How can I support the campaign?

It’s simple — just make a gift of any size to the university prior to December 31, 2015. All gifts count toward our goal, but contributions made toward one of the three campaign priorities — Transformation, Unequaled Access, and A Greater Community — are especially appreciated.

What giving methods are available to me?

There are a variety of giving options available to our donors. Cash is often the most convenient form of giving, but contributions can also be made in the form of stocks/securities, planned gifts, and matching gifts. In addition, CSULB employees have the option to support the Beach by participating in the university’s Payroll Deduction Plan. To learn more about ways to give, please visit

Can I direct my campaign gift toward a specific college, unit, or program?

Yes! Contributions made to your favorite program or department will count toward our campaign goal. If you’d like to find out more about an individual college’s specific funding priorities, please click here. And remember, if you’d like to give the university the flexibility to direct funds where they’re needed most, you can always choose to make an “unrestricted” gift.

What will be the impact of a successful campaign?

A successful campaign will increase financial support for the university, improving our ability to serve a large and highly diverse student population and contributing to the growth of research, scholarship, and creative activity on our campus. Additionally, a successful campaign will also deepen alumni pride and participation, increase the public’s understanding of and interest in our mission, and lay the groundwork for higher levels of donor engagement and support in the future

Who can I contact for help and additional information?

To learn more about “DECLARE: The Campaign for CSULB”, please call the Division of University Relations and Development during regular business hours:

Andrea Taylor
Vice President, University Relations and Development

For press inquiries, please contact:
Terri Carbaugh
Associate Vice President, Legislative and External Relations

A full staff list is available online at