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Dirtbags Baseball

Dirtbags baseball is a nationally recognized program whose foundation of success has been built over the years by legendary coaches, Dave Snow and Mike Weathers, and outstading student-athletes, Bobby Crosby, Matt Duffy, Jason Giambi, Evan Longoria, Troy Tulowitzki, Jered Weaver, and Jason Vargas.

Dirtbags Logo

The official 'Dirtbags' nickname refers to the style of play and the overall attitude of the student-athletes who embody the program's rich history of success against higher-profile teams. The moniker was coined for Coach Dave Snow's team in 1989 and quickly became one of the most revered badges of honor in all of collegiate athletics.

Rotating between three facilities and practicing at a local all-dirt in-field, the 1989 team was without a true home when it won its first 18 games en route to the program's initial trip to Omaha and the College World Series. Two additional CWS appearances in 1991 and 1993, acknowledged "Dirtbags" as a national brand.

Dirtbags Baseball is a marquee program at the campus. First coming to national prominence in 1989 when the team won its first 18 games en route to its initial trip to Omaha and the College World Series, the Dirtbags have performed at the top of the game in ensuing years. Coupled with placing over 45 players into the major leagues, the Dirtbags continue to be a significantly recognized brand nationally.

Dirtbags Points of Pride

Dirtbags Baseball


Blair Field

One of America's best amateur baseball facilities, Blair Field in Long Beach has played home to virtually every baseball player to lace up their cleats in Southern California during the past 50+ years. The historic ballpark has been honored by Baseball America as one of the top-15 collegiate ballparks in the nation.

Long Beach State officially moved to the facility for the 1993 season. A $17 million renovation plan promises to transform this facility, yet again, into a destination for some of the best baseball in America.


The estimated $17 million Blair Field Renovation Project is intended to create a national caliber, refreshed facility that will both establish a recruiting edge and better prepare our current players for competition. The project is best understood when explaining the four desired phases of construction, which are as follows:

Phase I — Batting Facility
Phase I will include the construction of a brand new, ~9,000 square foot batting facility, construction of a new outfield fence, construction of a three mound home bullpen, and demolition and preparation work.

Phase II — Clubhouse
Phase II will feature a first-class team clubhouse and include a team locker room, team meeting area, sports medicine offices, Hall of Legends Lobby and outdoor pavilion, equipment room, coach's offices, and more.

Phase III — Fan Amenity Upgrades
Phase III will include significant upgrades to the look and feel of the entrance way and surrounding views of the ball park, and the renovation of the public restrooms, concession/kitchen, and other ballpark fan amenity areas.

Phase IV — Practice Infield
Phase IV will include the construction of a new practice infield facility, demolition and preparation work, and reconfiguration of the existing parking lot.

Top Down Blair Field Render
Aerial Entrance
Panned View of Blair Fields
Blair Field Facility Schematic


Long Beach State University is perfectly situated in the middle of two of the largest markets in the country — Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The Athletic Program essentially opens a window into the university and community that connects 38,000 students, close to 300,000 alumni, 500,000 residents and thousands of fans in Southern California.

Our high-profile baseball program and accomplished Dirtbags alumni have introduced many people throughout the country to Long Beach State.  We are honored by this great athletic tradition and want to continue serving as ambassadors for the university, region, and sport — all in the pursuit of an NCAA baseball national championship.

If we are to compete successfully against the best programs in the nation, we must have playing and training facilities suitable for attracting and developing first-rate talent. That is why our focus is now on securing the funding needed to undertake a major renovation of Blair Field and its aging baseball facilities.

Finding key partners is critical to our success. Blair Field is the central stage for many audiences, as well as a pillar of the community visual make-up, and an investment in this project will enhance the fan experience and help secure maximum attendance and winning campaigns. Most important, this project will enhance our ability to attract some of the best recruits in the nation.

As a public institution that is state assisted (rather than state supported), Long Beach State Athletics relies on the generosity of alumni and friends to sustain a winning athletic tradition. Increasingly, it is private and corporate funding that allows us to meet many essential needs—including construction, enhancement, and maintenance of the state-of-the-art facilities needed to support a top-tier Division I college athletics program.

Naming Opportunities

The renovation and construction of Blair Field will be completely dependent on donor philanthropy and corporate sponsorship. As such, we want to recognize donors and corporate partners in appropriate ways and one way that may make sense includes the following naming opportunities:

Ball Park Investments
Ball Park $5,000,000
Main Entrance/Plaza $1,000,000
Practice Field $1,000,000
Dirtbag Dugout $500,000
Visiting Team Dugout $500,000
Visiting Team Locker Room $500,000
Home Bullpen $500,000
Visiting Team Bullpen $500,000
Press Box $250,000
3rd Base Picnic Patio $500,000
Umpire Dressing Room $50,000
Superbox (26) $650,000
Total $10,950,000
Club House Investments
Team Building $3,000,000
Team Meeting Room $500,000
Lounge & Pavilion $500,000
Outdoor Deck $500,000
Picnic/Patio Area $250,000
Dirtbag Locker Room $200,000
Head Coach's Office $100,000
Assistant Coaches Office $50,000
Training Room $100,000
Lockers (35 Lockers) $10,000
Total $5,550,000

Troy Tulowitzki Batting Cages
Tunnel #1 $100,000
Tunnel #2 $100,000
Tunnel #3 $100,000
Tunnel #4 $100,000
Total $400,000

Ball Park Naming

The estimated $17 million renovation of Blair Field will require significant investment from a lead donor or corporate partner. We are seeking a $5 million lead gift that would allow us to realize the overall vision for this renovation project. An investment of this size may be made over a multi-year period and, if it is a corporate investment, may come with a comprehensive partnership.

Super Box Naming

Blair Field currently has 24 Super Boxes that provide a premium seating experience for some of our best alumni and fans. We are offering the ultimate Super Box experience that will not only create excellent memories, but help support the Blair Field project. The necessary donation to secure a Super Box is $25,000 and may be paid over five years and includes the following:

  • Naming on the Super Box
  • Access to the Dirtbags Pavilion
  • Right to purchase tickets to the Super Box on an annual basis
  • Receive a Beach Athletic Club $5,000 Membership Level for five years
  • Inclusion of name under the $25,000 giving level on The Campaign for Blair Field Recognition Board (Board will be placed at the entrance to Blair Field in perpetuity)

List of Donors

I Declare Legends Are Made at Long Beach.The ability to transform Blair Field into the type of training and playing facility we desire is made possible by the generosity of alumni and friends. Our journey has been enriched because the following people have made a commitment to supporting The Campaign for Blair Field.

Marilyn Bohl
Evan Longoria
Troy Tulowitzki
1964 Baseball Championship Team


Support the Campaign for Blair Field

For more information, contact Wayne Stickney at 562.985.5402 or


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