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California State University, Long Beach
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CSULB students standing together in a crowd

Freshman entering the university in fall 2007 and later will receive a second semester of mandatory advising.

Mandatory Advising for Second Semester Freshman

During summer 2007, a commitment was made by Provost and Senior Vice President Karen Gould to strengthen the university’s responsibility to provide the best possible first-year experience for students.

The spring 2008 advising program—a campus-wide collaboration of three divisions, seven colleges, all faculty and professional staff advisors—will differ greatly in philosophy and implementation from freshmen advising in the fall. The goal of the new mandatory advising endeavor is to begin the critical connection of freshmen to their academic disciplines and faculty advisors as early as possible. Thus, the new advising was developed to meet the needs of undeclared freshmen, those who are declared in a pre-major and those who are declared in a non-impacted major.

Mandatory Advising Process

Undeclared freshmen will participate in a two-prong advising program that includes voluntary sessions in the Career Development Center coupled with mandatory advising sessions in the Academic Advising Center. Students will be able to avail themselves of opportunities to explore major choices.

Pre-majors who declared in one of CSULB’s 10 impacted majors will have the opportunity to be advised by their department/college. These sessions should offer a realistic assessment of the chances of being accepted to a competitive major.

Declared freshmen will be assisted by their specific colleges and academic departments. Departmental advising programs have been designed to engage the freshmen and point out a pathway through the major.

Special student populations, such as EOP students and student athletes, will be advised via these special programs. Special program advisors will urge pre-majors and declared majors to connect with their academic departments.

In addition, Enrollment Services will play a major role in the second semester mandatory freshmen advising process. A plan of action is in place that includes:

  • Coordinating notices to inform fall 2007 freshmen of the second semester mandatory advising requirement;
  • Developing a website that links freshmen to appropriate advising sites; and
  • Developing new CS Links reports to assist faculty and professional staff with freshmen advising.