Pregnant Student Rights

Title IX, a federal civil rights law, prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including pregnancy and parental status, in educational programs and activities. Pregnant students are granted specific rights through Title IX.

Questions regarding Title IX, as well as concerns, complaints of non-compliance, or accommodation requests such as a temporary parking pass due to pregnancy complications may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator by completing the Title IX Incident Report at www.csulb/TitleIX.

To contact the Title IX Coordinator, please email or call 562-985-5587. The Title IX Office is located in Brotman Hall, Suite 377.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Universities must excuse your absences due to pregnancy and related conditions. This includes absences for labor, delivery, and recovery, as well as prenatal appointments. Professors must excuse your pregnancy-related absence for as long as your doctor says is necessary. Also, when you return to school, the university must reinstate you to the status you held before your absence.

Yes. If you miss class for pregnancy-related reasons or childbirth, the university has to give you a chance to make up missed work. For example, if your doctor orders you on pregnancy-related bed rest, your professor can send you class assignments or allow you to review lectures online.

Yes. You have a right to take part in all elements of your program while pregnant. For example, the university cannot deny you access to “work in the field” programs because you’re pregnant.

Title IX says schools and universities have to address sex-based harassment. This includes harassment based on pregnancy. If teachers or students harass you because you are pregnant, report it to the campus Title IX Coordinator. It is illegal for the university officials, faculty, or students to retaliate against you for making a complaint or voicing concern.

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