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Testing, Evaluation & Assessment
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment
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Administrative Review Survey Timeline

Testing, Evaluation & Assessment offers survey support for Academic Senate committees who oversee scheduled periodic reviews of academic administrators. Committees seeking survey support should meet with the Testing Director as early as possible for a review taking place in a given semester.Committees must understand that delays in designing the questionnaire, producing a cover letter, and creating mailing labels for respondents will extend the time it takes to complete a review. Quantitative results produced by Testing, Evaluation & Assessment include frequency tables, means and standard deviations, and crosstabulated results by demographics. If committees wish to conduct further analyses, they may request a database of responses from the Testing Director. At this time, we do not support web-administered survey methods for administrative reviews. Questionnaires are sent by campus mail to samples of faculty, staff, administrators, and students who are selected as respondents for a particular review, and are returned in confidential envelopes to the office of Testing, Evaluation & Assessment.

Response rates usually range between 15-25%. Some administrative reviews may be more appropriately done using qualitative rather than survey methods. Committees may wish to consider including a qualitative component, such as interviews or focus groups as part of the survey. Some questionnaire items work better than others. Committees are encouraged to write items that clearly measure one characteristic. At the same time, questionnaires should be brief (preferably no longer than one double-sided page).

An approximate timeline is as follows:

Activity Approximate Time Needed
Administrative review committee chair contacts Testing Director to meet with the committee. Survey protocol and timeline are discussed. Committee sends questionnaire electronically and arranges for mailing labels to be produced. Appropriate ASM supplies Testing Director with account numbers to be charged for print costs of questionnaire, cover letter, and inside/outside envelopes 10-15 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment produces rough draft of questionnaire, which is reviewed and approved by the committee; committee chair delivers signed cover letter 5 business days
Print shop copies cover letter and questionnaire, prints inside/outside envelopes, and delivers all materials to Testing, Evaluation & Assessment 10 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment sends out questionnaires through campus mail, with a 10 day turnaround specified in the cover letter 3 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment processes returned responses using SPSS, and types qualitative comments verbatim 15 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment produces frequency counts, means, standard deviations, and crosstabulated results and delivers to committee chair 2 business days
Days required for entire process 45-50 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment invoices Academic Affairs for $700.00 1 business days
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment stores questionnaires for six months 6 months