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California State University, Long Beach
Dean of Students
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Common University Terms

Academic Honors

Academic honors are conferred on students who perform well academically. A student who completes 12 units or more and maintains a 3.5 – 3.74 GPA for the semester is placed on the Dean’s List, while a student who maintains a 3.75 – 4.0 GPA is placed on the President’s List.

Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are placed on academic probation if at any time their cumulative grade-point average in all college work attempted or their cumulative GPA at CSULB falls below 2.0 (C).


A program through which graduate students receive financial aid compensation for work completed as a graduate assistant (GA) or teaching associate (TA). A GA assists faculty in their preparation for course(s). A TA teaches a section of a course under the direction of a faculty member.

Associated Students, Inc. (AS or ASI)

In high school, the student government is often referred to as A.S.B. or “Associated Student Body”. At CSULB, the Associated Students (A.S.) is a non-profit corporation that provides many services and programs, including student government. Elected student leaders serve as executive officers and serve as members of the corporation’s board of directors.


Auditing a class allows a student to participate in the class without earning a grade or credits for the course. [Requires instructor permission.]


This website allows professors to post information about assignments for their classes. Students may be required to take exams or turn in papers through this website. BeachBoard also allows professors to send messages to their classes quickly, such as announcing a class cancellation or change in the syllabus.

Blue Emergency Phone

Numerous Code Blue Emergency phones are located throughout the campus. Anyone who has an emergency or feels endangered may use one of these phones (free of charge) to connect immediately with CSULB’s University Police Department.

Brotman Hall

The on-campus building that houses most of the administrative services for students. Some of the departments located at Brotman Hall include Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Cashier’s Office, Testing and Evaluation Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Career Development Center and Disabled Student Services.

Campus Police

CSULB’s University Police Department has sworn law enforcement officers who meet the peace officer standards and training requirements mandatory for all California law enforcement officers. Officers have the authority to make arrests. They also undergo training specially designed to meet the needs and problems of a contemporary university community.


CSULB offers extensive opportunities for students to become involved in activities that complement their academic classes: co-curricular activities that contribute to a well-rounded developmental college experience. Students may choose from more than 300 student organizations, leadership programs, club and intramural sports and community service projects.

Course Registration

Students select the courses (classes) they would like to take for the upcoming semester during the registration period. Prior to registration, it is best for students to have an idea of several back-up courses in case a particular class becomes full. If a course is full, CSULB also offers a wait list for some classes.

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

This option allows students to take a class and receive units for the course, without receiving a grade. Thus, if a student earns a C or higher in a credit/ no credit class, he or she will receive credit for the class, while a grade of lower than a C will earn no credit for the student. The benefit of this option is that the student’s grade will not affect his or her overall GPA.

An undergraduate student may elect “CR/NC” grading in no more than a total of 24 units, of which no more than twelve (12) may be upper-division units. The decision to elect the “CR/NC” grading option for a course must be made by the last day to add classes and the appropriate form with required signatures must be filed by the student.


The term “dorm” commonly refers to an on-campus housing facility. However, the facilities at CSULB are considered “residence halls” due to the well-rounded programming and student services provided by the Housing and Residential Life Department.


Some majors are divided up into various areas of that field. In such cases, besides having a major, a student may need to choose an emphasis within that major (e.g., an English major might have an emphasis in literature or in creative writing).


Ethernet is an extremely fast internet connection that is available in most university-owned residence halls. To use an Ethernet connection properly, a student will need a network card and cable for his or her computer.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This application is used to determine eligibility for federal financial assistance for students and is submitted annually. This process provides opportunities for students to obtain scholarships, loans or subsidized loans, grants and work study.

General Education (GE) Classes

A CSULB student’s GE requirements are met by taking classes from within particular categories. Every student must take a specified number of GE units, and these GE units must meet certain criteria.


A student’s major is a concentration point of their studies which will eventually lead to a bachelor’s degree. Although many students declare their majors upon entering the university, other students start out as “undeclared majors” allowing them to explore different classes and fields. Those who are extremely interested in more than one area can also choose to declare double majors, or take a major and minor (see “minor”).


A student’s minor is an additional point of study in a student’s education. Often serving as a complement to a student’s main area of focus, a minor has fewer requirements and prerequisites to fulfill than a major. Minors are not required for graduation; however, they allow students to explore further their different interests.

Office Hours

All professors are required to hold office hours for their students during which students may ask questions, review problems and receive general assistance with course material.


Plagiarism is defined as the act of using the ideas or work of another person or persons as if they were one’s own, without giving credit to the source. Such an act is not plagiarism if it is ascertained that the ideas were arrived at through independent reasoning or logic or where the thought or idea is common knowledge. Cheating is defined as the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain or aiding another to obtain academic credit for work by the use of any dishonest, deceptive or fraudulent means.


A prerequisite course is one that a student must complete before taking another course.

Resident Assistant (RA)

An RA is specially trained student leader within the residence halls who is responsible for the general welfare of a floor or building of student residents. RAs Assist in developing and offering social and educational programming for students living on campus.


Rush is a time period within the Greek Life community during which interested students have the opportunity to learn about the various fraternities and sororities at CSULB. The goal of rushing is to give students who are serious about pledging a feel for what to expect from Greek Life.

Student ID

The university-issued student ID is a photo identification card that can serve many functions such as allowing access to library services, housing facilities and university business services. The CSULB student ID also works as an on-campus debit card for “Beach Club” money.


This is a document that the university requires all faculty to provide to students by the end of the second class of each semester. The syllabus contains basic information about the course such as goals/objectives, expected learning outcomes, required texts, types of assignments, basis for assigning course grade, the attendance policy or a reference to where students may find the professor’s attendance policies and a statement for how assignments can be completed in the event of a student’s excused absence.


A student who is in the process of obtaining his/her bachelor’s degree.


Each class is given a specific number of units that correlates to the number of hours one can expect to spend on course-related work. Students must accumulate a certain number of units to meet graduation requirements.

Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)

The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) is the California State University policy that requires all students to demonstrate English writing proficiency before graduation from CSULB. The WPE is the simplest way for students to satisfy the GWAR. Undergraduate students must attempt the WPE during the semester in which they will have earned 65 units, and transfer students/graduate students must attempt it in their first semester of attendance.