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California State University, Long Beach
Dean of Students
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Services for Students

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The Resources for Students guide contains information about academic services and student support services on campus.

Download the Resources for Students guide (PDF, 611 KB)

Academic Advising Center

Horn Center, Room 103 (HC-103) • (562) 985-4837

Advises on General Education requirements. Offers general education advising and academic program planning. Provides evaluation of Degree Progress Report. Provides information about academic probation policies, remediation strategies and course repeat/delete procedures. Offers specialized advising services for entering freshmen, adult reentry students, undeclared students and graduating seniors.

Associated Students Inc. Business Office

University Student Union, Room 229 (USU-229) • (562) 985-4994

Provides information on student health insurance. Offers services for money orders, wire transfers, fax and photocopying. Offers notary public service.

Associated Students Inc. Student Government

University Student Union, Room 311 (USU-311) • (562) 985-5241

Provides for student self-governance and the development of leadership abilities. Provides student programs and activities that complement the academic curriculum of the university. Also provides internships, scholarships and financial grants for student clubs and organizations.

Career Development Center

Brotman Hall, Room 250 (BH-250) • (562) 985-4151

Provides resources and strategies for choosing a college major, developing career plans, finding internships and full-time jobs and making successful career transitions.

Club Sports & Recreation

Physical Education building, Room 20(PE-20) • (562) 985-2570

Provides a wide variety of recreational, fitness and educational programs, including club sports.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Brotman Hall, Room 226 (BH-226) • (562) 985-4001

Provides broad-based psychological services to CSULB students, including individual, couples and group counseling. Provides psycho-educational and training programs for the campus community, as well as consultation on mental health issues.

Dean of Students

University Student Union, Room 219 (USU-219) • (562) 985-8670

Assists students in achieving their academic goals and enhancing their personal, intellectual and social development. Acts as a clearinghouse for questions from parents. Advocates for students, emphasizing ethics, mentoring and caring services. Provides support to Student Services areas with technological planning and desktop computing issues.

Disabled Student Services

Brotman Hall, Room 270 (BH-270) • (562) 985-5401

Provides services and programs to meet specific needs of students with disabilities, including readers, note takers, sign language interpreters and test proctors. Provides specific programs that enhance the educational development of students with disabilities, including technical assistance, academic advising, disability-related counseling, physical fitness, career development and employment. Improves the understanding and support of the campus environment toward the disabled, including meeting legislative mandates and federal law.

Educational Equity Services

Liberal Arts building 1, Room 119 (LA1-119) (562) 985-5637

Provides access to the university to low-income, first-generation college students and migrant students. Provides academic support and retention services to low income, first generation and migrant students from underrepresented groups in graduate education. Prepares middle and high school students, adults, low-income and first-generation and migrant students for post-secondary education. Prepares university students to increase their chances of success in Ph.D. programs.

Enrollment Services

Brotman Hall, Room 101 (BH-101) • (562) 985-5471

Provides information and services for admission, registration (including summer session), changing majors, academic records and transcripts, academic appeals and graduation requirements and status.

Financial Aid

Brotman Hall, Room 101 (BH-101) • (562) 985-8403
Provides information on grants, scholarships, loans, work study and financing options.

Center for International Education

Brotman Hall, Room 201 (BH-201) • (562) 985-4106

Provides services and assistance to CSULB international students on F and J visas. Provides information on immigration status, campus policies and procedures, health insurance issues, housing assistance and other issues. Offers students the opportunity to study abroad while making progress toward their academic degree.

Intramural Sports & Wellness

Physical Education building, Room 20A (PE-20A) (562) 985-4668

Provides social, recreational and entertainment programs that contribute to healthy lifestyles, promote campus spirit and cultivate an enduring regard for the university.

Isabel Patterson Child Development Center

5700 E. Atherton St. • (562) 985-5333

Provides child care and educational services that enable student parents to attend class at the university. Programs serve infants/toddlers, preschool and school-age children. Provides tours, lectures and serves as a research site for the university’s academic programs, other institutions of post-secondary education and the community. Provides career exploration, training and development opportunities for students interested in the field of early childhood education

Learning Assistance Center

Horn Center, Room 104 (HC-104) • (562) 985-5350

Helps students identify and develop the best ways to succeed in coursework (learning strategies). Provides supplemental instruction for known difficult courses and tutoring in all courses. Provides opportunities for learners of English as a second language to improve their proficiency in spoken and written English. Provides advising to identify and address needs of students who have failed the Writing Proficiency Exam.

Library Reference Services

Library, 1st Floor (LIB) • (562) 985-4027

Assists in locating information for class assignments. Identifies research resources for students.

Multicultural Center

Faculty Office building 3, Room 3 (FO3-003) • (562) 985-8150

Provides cross-cultural communication training. Provides diversity workshops, lectures, forums and lending library.

Partners for Success/Faculty Mentoring Program

University Student Union, Room224 (USU-224) • (562)985-7562

Matches first-generation college students with faculty members who assist students in adjusting to university life and successfully achieving their academic goals. Creates a supportive environment where faculty members are able to provide student participants with a sense of direction with career goals, personal adjustment to the university, family-related issues, financial consultation and referrals to other university resources.

Pre-baccalaureate Advising & Support Services

Academic Services, Room 14 (AS-14) • (562) 985-7895

Advises, tracks, supports and intervenes for students who are required to complete preparatory English and mathematics courses to prepare them for the required freshman-level English composition and/or mathematics courses.

Center for Scholarship Information

University Student Union, Room 238 (USU-238) • (562) 985-2549

Maintains scholarship database and advises students on how to search and apply for scholarships. Administers and awards campus scholarships as necessary. Assists organizations with scholarship development and fundraising efforts.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services building (SHS) • (562) 985-4771

Provides medical services including in-house lab, x-ray and pharmacy. Offers nutrition counseling, HIV testing, counseling, sexual health workshops, substance abuse prevention programs and health promotion outreach activities.

Student Life & Development

University Student Union, Room 215 (USU-215) • (562) 985-4181

Provides extensive developmental, leadership, services and involvement opportunities for students. Provides oversight for the Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center, cultural resource centers and special students events, such as leadership retreats, community service projects, keynote speakers and cultural graduation celebrations. Offers student leadership orientations and provides advising to student clubs and organizations, including academic, cultural, greek, honor, political, religious, service special interested and sports clubs.

Student Transition & Retention Services (STARS/SOAR)

Foundation building, Suite 160 (FND-160) • (562) 985-5515

Plans and administers the Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program, including Overnight SOAR, orientation to campus life and services, the Major Fair and Re-discover the Beach. Collaborates with Testing and Evaluation Services to conduct the annual freshman survey and disseminate information to the campus community. Facilities the planning and implementation of campus-wide retention efforts.

Technology Help Desk

Horn Center Lobby (HC) • (562) 985-4959

Provides support for MyCSULB, BeachBoard, password issues, CSULB email, internet accounts and other computing topics.

Testing & Evaluation Services

Brotman Hall, Room 216 (BH-216) • (562) 985-4007

Administers professional test programs for the purpose of assessment and placement of CSULB students. Provides research and administrative review support for faculty, staff and administrators. In collaboration with University 100 and STARS/SOAR, conducts the annual freshman survey and disseminates information to the campus community.

University Ombuds Office

Foundation building, Room 140 (FND-140) • (562) 985-5983

Provides a confidential and neutral venue for clarifying issues, exploring options and informally resolving campus-related problems.

University Student Union

(562) 985-4834

Provides programs, services, facilities and food service in the student-financed University Student Union. Provides students with a “home away from home’ during their academic pursuits. Serves as a link between the campus and the community for planning events that utilize USU facilities. Provides educational opportunities and leadership training through recreational, social, cultural and intellectual programming efforts.

Women’s Resource Center

Liberal Arts building 3, Room 105 (LA3-105) • (562) 985-8576

Facilitates the educational, professional and personal growth of women through a diverse and interactive program of services, advocacy and education. Advocates for complete educational and professional equity for women. Serves as a clearinghouse for information, programming, organizations and activities pertinent to women.