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California State University, Long Beach
Financial Fitness
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Are You Financially Fit?



Why Is This Important?

Did you know that your credit history is as important to your long-term future as your grade point average? Have you wanted more info, tips, and tricks to managing your money but realized there are so many resources, it's hard to know where to begin? It is widely believed that lack of financial literacy in our society was a major factor in the recent financial crisis.

With the free online Financial Literacy 101 workshops, you can create a budget, track your spending habits, set your current and post-graduation financial goals, and much more. You also get personalized feedback on your financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

Workshop topics include:
$ Financial Aid
$ Budgeting
$ Credit Management
$ Identity Theft
$ Buying a Car
$ Financial Planning
$ Insurance
$ Saving and Investing
$ Plus more!

Watch this TEDTalk to hear from a financial expert.

How Do You Become Financially Fit?

In order to work your financial muscles, CSULB has this interactive online workshop system that tailors financial advice specifically to you.

It only takes 1.5 hours, can be done any hour of the day, can be stopped and started until you finish, and helps you with your finances now and in the future.

Instructions for accessing the program are to the right but here are some important facts you should know:

  1. You will create an individual, private account with username and password
  2. We do not have access to any information except-
    • Student ID number, name and email address
    • Progress through the course
    • Quiz scores
    • Completion certificates
    • Your evaluation survey of the tool

REMEMBER --- This is your account. If you are interested in other topics, you have complete access to the information in over 30 modules covering 60+ topics, for the rest of your life. You can find these in EXPLORE (located at the top left corner by the Financial Literacy 101 logo).


Want to win a $500 scholarship?

When you complete the workshop, you will be automatically entered into a drawing. Winners will be notified by the email used in setting up their account.


You can access this online tool by logging into

Go to "Enter your access code" and enter: CSULB-ALL

NOTE: If you are completing this for a class or program requirement, please use the code they gave you. Once completed, there is no need to submit any paperwork.

Enjoy building your financial freedom!

Questions? Please contact: