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California State University, Long Beach
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Supporting Students at CSULB

The CSULB Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program is a comprehensive initiative that identifies and immediately serves some of CSULB’s most at-risk students which include our displaced students, food insecure students and students experiencing an emergency situation or crisis.

  • The program goals are to provide at-risk students with meals, housing, emergency funds and counseling all of which correlate to student success, health and wellness.
  • The three main programs to serve our students: The Student Emergency Grant, The Meals Assistance Program and The Short-Term Housing Assistance Program.
  • This is a campus wide intervention hosted by the Division of Student Affairs

Program Goals

  • To provide students with immediate support during their unexpected emergency or crisis through meals, short-term emergency housing, and emergency grant funds so they can continue with their academics and persist at CSULB
  • To provide students with ongoing counseling and assistance through both on-campus resources and Long Beach community social services

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an enrolled CSULB student
  • Be able to demonstrate an urgent financial need (Supporting documentation is helpful where appropriate)
  • Must have exhausted all sources of financial assistance and aid


  • Displacement: Living in your car; Temporarily staying with friends or family; Living on the street
  • Medical Expense due to hospitalization or severe illness
  • Car Accident: Car repairs/Loss of Transportation

Student Emergency Grant

Students who have been involved in an unforeseen emergency, crisis, or catastrophic event may apply for the Student Emergency Grant.

The Meals Assistance Program (Feed A Need)

The Meals Assistance Program provides students that are food insecure and/or experiencing a student emergency access to several healthy and well-balanced meals in one of the three University Dining Commons (Parkside, Hillside, or Beachside). To ensure confidentiality, the meals are placed on the student's ID card.

Short-Term Emergency Housing Program

The short-term emergency housing program provides displaced students access to temporary on-campus housing in the residence halls to ensure the student’s safety and well-being while they acquire permanent and secure housing.


  • Sleeping in a car or any place that’s not a residence
  • Sleeping on friends' couches
  • Having to move out of current residence with no place to live

This program or service is part of the Basic Needs Program at California State University, Long Beach