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California State University, Long Beach
Student Services Technology
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Division Security Practices & Standards

ID Theft

Data Security

Universities across the country experienced major security breaches last year resulting in the possible disclosure of student information. These infringements were an eye-opening reality check, resulting in costly mailings due to the requirement to notify each person whose information was potentially violated.

The Student Services Division is working to implement basic security procedures for protecting both analog and digital confidential university information.

By following a few simple rules on a daily basis, you can protect data on your computer:

  1. Do not share your passwords with others, including your supervisor and system administrators.
  2. Do not agree to allow Microsoft Windows or any other program to remember your password for you.
  3. Be sure to “log off” or “lock computer” when away from your computer.
  4. Store all university information on the campus network using your personal network drive or your department’s shared network drive. Do not store university information in other locations, such as the C:\ drive, USB or other removable devices.
  5. Do not have your system log-in information displayed or accessible by others. Computer screens should face away from doorways. When this is not possible, privacy screens should be used.
  6. Downloading of software from the Internet is prohbited. All exceptions must be approved by the appropriate administrator.
  7. Critical updates can occur daily. For this reason it is encouraged that workstations be shut down nightly when leaving the office.