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California State University, Long Beach
Student Support Services Program
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Services Provided

By participating in TRiO Student Support Services Program, students may:

  • receive comprehensive academic/career advising services.
  • participate in preparatory workshops for the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE).
  • receive personal writing skills support.
  • refer to supplemental instruction courses to develop successful study skills.
  • receive financial aid application and petition assistance.
  • search and apply for scholarships.
  • receive graduate school application and funding preparation.
  • participate in specialized financial and economic literacy courses.
  • have access to a computer lab and free printing.
  • freshmen and sophomores may apply for grant aid monies.


SSSP Academic Advising

SSSP Advising Component assists program participants in developing a reasonable coursework schedule that can be easily managed, provide academic advising to ensure academic progress, and maintain dialogue with department advisor. Furthermore, SSSP Advisors offer assistance to program students in clarifying their values, acquiring assertiveness, bolstering self-esteem, enhancing aptitudinal perspectives, and providing assistance with financial aid application processing.

SSSP Writing Support and Tutoring

SSSP Writing Component provides each program participants with a holistic evaluation of their writing sample during the initial orientation process. The Writing Specialist is available to program participants throughout their CSULB academic career to review and discuss students' work, assist with time-management, writing multiple drafts, and producing quality academic essays. In addition, program participants are provided workshops for both WPE testing, development of personal statements and requests for letters of recommendation.

SSSP STEM Tutoring

STEM tutors are available to program participants throughout their CSULB academic career to review and discuss students' work, assist with subject tutoring, and producing quality academic work. In addition, program participants are provided workshops for testing, development of projects and requests for letters of recommendation.

Campus Partnerships & Tutorial Services

SSSP is in partnership with the Learning Assistance Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Career Development Center, offering a variety of study skills, personal growth, and career development workshops conducted throughout the academic year. Please click on the links above for dates and times of these sessions. The key to success is often knowing which service you need- here is a full list of all tutoring centers on campus. STEM majors can also access HSI-STEM tutoring.

SSSP Computer Lab

This is only open to admitted SSSP participants. Students are assigned codes at the beginning of each semester to use the printer/copier.

Equipment available:

    • 16 computer stations
    • 1 printer/copier/scanner

Graduate School Preparation software:

    • GRE/GMAT/LSAT Preparation

Financial and Economic Literacy

Did you know that your credit history is far more important to your long-term future than grade point average? Have you wanted more info, tips, and tricks to managing your money but realized there are so many resources; it’s hard to know where to begin? It is widely believed that lack of financial literacy in our society was a major factor in the recent financial crisis.

SSSP offers a 24/7 online tool, customized to each student, providing interactive and reliable information on personal financial attitudes and tendencies, budget management, credit, and more.

Assistance with Graduate School Applications

Program participants will receive assistance in applying for admission to Graduate School and obtaining financial aid.

Topics of assistance include:

  • Defining graduate programs
  • The benefits of pursuing a masters, PhD and professional degree
  • How to apply and receive funding options
  • Distinguish between a personal statement and a statement of purpose
  • Protocol for obtaining favorable letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Receive GRE information
    • overview of test
    • question types
    • new scoring
    • studying for test
    • registration and fee reduction