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California State University, Long Beach
STARS/SOAR, Student Transition & Retention Services / Student Orientation, Advising & Registration
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register for Operation: Return to the Beach?

    The first step in registering for Operation: Return to the Beach is to register for an Educational Leave of Absence. Students who do not complete their remedial coursework within their first year at CSULB will be sent an invitation to join the program which will include a request to join form to fill out and send back to the STARS office. After filling out a request to join form, students will begin to receive email communications from the program. For additional information check out our website: or contact us at 985-562-5515.

  2. Why should I register for Operation: Return to the Beach?

    Students, who are granted an Educational Leave of Absence from the university, are eligible for the program and are encouraged to register. Students who register for the program are able to maintain CSULB email and MyCSULB access, library privileges, and an activated student ID card. Along with these privileges, students in the program will receive regular communications from the STARS/SOAR office and will be paired with current student peer mentors.

  3. Do I have to pay to be part of Operation: Return to the Beach?

    No. This program is free to all invited students

  4. Do I have to apply for an Educational Leave of Absence?

    Yes, applying for an Educational Leave of Absence is really the first step in becoming a part of the program. By filing for an Educational Leave of Absence students enable themselves to return to the university within a year’s time without having to reapply to the university.

  5. How do I apply for an Educational Leave of Absence?

    Students can apply for an Educational Leave of Absence by filling out a leave form and submitting it to Enrollment Services. The form can either be acquired from Brotman Hall or online at: .

  6. What/who is a peer mentor?

    A peer mentor is a current CSULB student who has been hired and trained to serve as a liaison between the university and students in Operation: Return to the Beach. Peer mentors will communicate with their mentees on a monthly basis to check in and make sure everything is going well. Peer mentors will answer questions and also provide important information to their mentees. Peer mentors will participate in on-campus programs that their mentees will be invited to.

  7. How do I get a peer mentor?

    Students who register for Operation: Return to the Beach are assigned a peer mentor. By filling out the Peer Mentor request form students will be matched to a current CSULB student peer mentor based on student preferences/input.

  8. How will I communicate with my peer mentor?

    Initially peer mentors will contact their student mentees and introduce themselves. They will provide the mentee with contact information, which will allow their mentees to contact them as frequently as needed. Peer Mentors will be required to make monthly contact with all mentees.

  9. How long does this program last?

    Our funding enables us to maintain contact and provide support for Operation: Return to the Beach students for one year; however we will maintain contact and work with students after this time period should they continue to seek our assistance. For students not filing for a leave of absence and not registering for the program, our office will continue to provide communications and information for a year out. Students wishing to have no further contact with the program may request to be removed from our contact list by simply emailing our office.