Code of Conduct

Registration of Fraternities & Sororities

  1. All fraternities and sororities must register with the Office of Student Life and Development at the beginning of each semester (Fall & Spring). A registration packet will be distributed during the first week of semester classes, for completion by October 1 for Fall Semester and by March 1 for Spring Semester. Each chapter is required to submit:

    • Chapter Information Form and President's Statement of Responsibility.
    • Roster of Advisors and Advisor's Statement of Responsibility.
    • Complete roster of members or corrected CSULB computer printout of members.
    • Certificate of Insurance (providing evidence of chapter liability coverage - (inter)national organizations only).
    • CSULB Organization Registration Card.
    • Copy of most current chapter constitution & bylaws (Fall semester only).

  2. Liability Insurance:

    All (inter)national fraternity and sorority chapters registered and recognized by California State University, Long Beach, must maintain liability coverage by an insurance carrier. (Inter)national organizations can obtain evidence of coverage from their (inter)national headquarters. Liability insurance is strongly recommended for cultural fraternities and sororities -- please see your SLD Advisor for more information.

  3. Alumni Advisors:

    University policy requires all student organizations to have a faculty/staff advisor. Fraternities and sororities are exempt from this policy only if they can provide a signed "Advisor's Statement of Responsibility" by an alumnus or alumna advisor. No chapters will be registered with out either a faculty/staff or alumna/alumnus advisor.

Regulations Pertaining to Fraternity & Sorority Activities

  1. All University policies, procedures and directives shall be followed, including those in the CSULB Catalog, CSULB Regulations for Campus Activities, Organizations and the University Community (the "REGS"), Campus Publicity & Posting, Campus Scheduling Policies, and the STEPS Manual. Further, chapters shall abide by all local State and Federal laws, including noise abatement and nuisance laws of the City of Long Beach.
  2. There shall be no loitering after chapter-sponsored or co-sponsored events. There shall be no abusive or obscene behavior or language within public view or hearing at any time.
  3. Fraternities and sororities shall not paint their symbols or Greek letters upon, or otherwise deface, public streets or alleys, parking lots, road signs, or other public or private property. In the event that such damage takes place, all markings or defacing shall be promptly removed or repaired by the fraternity or sorority members at their expense.

  4. Alcoholic Beverages:
    1. Advertising: In promoting events, alcoholic beverages may not be referred to in publicity, including signs, fliers, mailing and media announcements (including websites and internet advertisements). Use of such words as "beer," "brew," "kegs," "wine," "cocktails," "open bar," "booze," "mixed drinks," "spirits," etc. is prohibited. Illustrations must not make reference to alcoholic beverages (i.e., no pictures of kegs, cocktail glasses, beer mugs, etc.)
    2. Member chapters of the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association may not host an "open party" where alcohol is present. Any chapter or council-sponsored activity which is advertised in any fashion will be considered an "open party," and, therefore, no alcohol may be present at such activities. Non-members attending a chapter function may do so only by personal invitation of a chapter member who shall assume personal responsibility for the welfare of the guest and any damage to the property caused by their guest. Chapters must abide by the guest list limitations established by their (inter)national risk management policy.
    3. Fraternities and sororities must be familiar with and comply with State of California laws regulating the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverages may be sold (including beer) without a valid license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Persons doing this will be guilty of a misdemeanor (Business and Professional Code 23000-23301). No money whatsoever, including "donations," "entertainment fees," etc. may be collected at any function where alcoholic beverages are provided or sold, unless a one-day license has been issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. (Note: Department policy prohibits the issuance of such licenses for college fraternity or sorority functions.
    4. No chapter may purchase alcoholic beverages through the use of any chapter funds or credits nor may the purchase of alcohol be undertaken or coordinated by any member on behalf of the chapter. No chapter members may provide alcoholic beverages directly or indirectly to members or guests by selling tickets or cups, by collecting admission fees or donations, by special assessments (e.g. a formal dance assessment that includes drink tickets), by accepting a percentage of bar receipts from a co-sponsoring establishment, by taking a collection ("passing the hat"), by dues rebates, or by any means of collecting monies from person attending chapter functions.
    5. For IFC and Panhellenic Association chapters, the purchase and/or use of any bulk quantity of alcoholic beverages or providing a common source of alcohol (e.g. kegs, alcoholic punch, coolers filled with canned beer, open bars, etc.) is expressly prohibited. All alcoholic beverages consumed at chapter functions, regardless of location, must be brought by the individual members and guests attending the function for their own personal consumption, or purchased as individual drinks through a cash bar operated by a licensed establishment where the function is held. In the event that the BYOB option is selected for a chapter event, only members and guests who are 21 years of age or older may bring or consume alcohol at the event. The responsibility for checking identification is with the sponsoring chapter(s).
    6. Dry rush: No alcoholic beverages shall be present at any chapter or Council recruitment function, regardless of location. A recruitment function is defined as any chapter activity occurring at any time or location, with the primary purpose being membership recruitment. All activities held during Council formal recruitment periods will be considered rush events and must be dry.
    7. No alcoholic beverages shall be present at any pledge/associate/new member program or activity, including, but not limited to, initiation or pre-initiation activities, pledge or associate member retreats and meetings, big brother/big sister revealing, etc.
  5. Hazing:
    1. Definition: Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created which, regardless of location, intent or consent of the participants:

      1. Produces, or is reasonably likely to produce, bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation, intimidation, degradation, or ridicule, or otherwise compromises the dignity of an individual;
      2. Compels an individual to participate in any activity which is unlawful, perverse, publicly indecent, contrary to the rules, policies and regulations of the University, or which is known by the compelling person to be contrary to the individual's genuine moral or religious beliefs; or
      3. Will, unreasonably or unusually, impair an individual's academic efforts.
    2. Members of fraternities and sororities may not engage in any hazing activities.
    3. Any activity as described above upon which the initiation or admission into or affiliation with the organization is directly or indirectly conditioned, or implied to be condition, or which occurs during a pre-initiation or initiation activity shall be presumed to be "compelled" activity, the willingness of an individual to participate in such an activity notwithstanding.

Policies Pertaining only to Chapters with a Chapter Residence

  1. If a fraternity or sorority owns or leases a chapter residence, all members of the chapter and their invited guests are expected to comply with any applicable noise, parking and zoning ordinances of the City of Long Beach. If any law enforcement officers are called to the premises of a fraternity/sorority residence, fraternity/sorority members and guests will cooperate fully with them.
  2. Programs planned by a fraternity or sorority which cannot be adequately contained and monitored within the residence house are to be located elsewhere, preferably on campus.
  3. Noise curfew: Chapter meetings held at a residence owned or leased by the chapter will maintain a 10:00 p.m. noise time limit after which quiet hours shall be enforced by the members. This does not prevent meetings from continuing in a quiet manner after 10:00 p.m.
  4. Neighbor liaison: It is agreed that each fraternity or sorority that maintains a chapter residence will establish a working relationship with neighbors and representatives of the immediate community. A chapter's community liaison person will informally serve to resolve problems and to improve the fraternity/sorority image in the community.
  5. Parking: Chapter members attending off-campus functions will exercise care to utilize legal parking areas for their automobiles and in no instances shall they block driveways or sidewalks of other residents. When large numbers of cars are anticipated, the chapter will direct parking to an appropriate area and will ensure that members and guests leave the function quietly as they walk to their cars.
  6. Noise: Noise resulting from various fraternity or sorority activities at chapter homes shall be contained within the structure. It is understood, however, that certain major programs, such as formal Rush/Recruitment activities, may produce activity outside the chapter home, but within the immediate grounds. Outside noise will be kept to a minimum and neighbors will be informed well in advance of these infrequent events.
  7. Trash: The premises on and about the chapter home shall be kept clean and trash stored in trash bags or garbage cans. As a part of program planning, there shall be a "clean-up" scheduled by 12:00 noon the day following any activity.
  8. Raids: A fraternity/sorority "raid" will be considered misconduct if at any time one or more members of a fraternity or sorority enters another chapter home and engages in the following activities:

    1. Causing personal injury, fright, harassment or property damage of any nature.
    2. Tampering with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, or other fire protection equipment.
    3. Taking personal belongings, charters, composites, trophies, letters, etc.
    4. Entering any time during Inspiration Week or Initiation, day or night, or any time during chapter meetings without the permission of the chapter president.
    5. Littering or defacing the yard, parking area and surrounding areas of the chapter house.
    6. Bringing open alcoholic beverages inside any substance-free chapter home.
    7. Refusing to leave immediately when requested to do so by a chapter official (e.g., chapter president, house director, etc.)
    8. Entering through entrances other than unlocked doors on the ground floor.
    9. Entering unescorted by a chapter member any time between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m.

    Even if a group of fraternity or sorority members is invited inside, they must still adhere to all of the above rules and individual house rules and are expected to act in a manner that is in good taste at all times.


  1. Complaints regarding fraternity and sorority violations of these policies will be directed to the Office of Student Life and Development. Such complaints will initiate a due process which may result in disciplinary procedures as described above. Investigation of the circumstances of the complaint may also result in referring individual students to disciplinary action.
  2. Chapter presidents shall be responsible for communicating all policies and procedures, including those in the Code of Conduct for Fraternities and Sororities, to their members. This document will be duplicated by chapter presidents and provided for all chapter members at least once each semester. Each semester, chapter presidents will sign an agreement to assume this responsibility.