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California State University, Long Beach
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SLD Student Academic Travel Grant

Applications for Spring 2017 Travel will be available soon.

Application deadline due:
  • TBA

Contact Maleta Wilson with any questions by email, phone at (562) 985-4181, or in person at USU-215.

The Student Academic Travel Grant was made possible for those students wishing to enhance their educational experience by competing and/or presenting at professional academic conferences, workshops, seminars and/or lectures which:

  • Enhances their educational experience at CSULB.
  • Supports growth in their academic discipline.
  • Exposes them to current trends in their field of study.
  • Gives them the opportunity to share their conference/travel experience with the CSULB campus community.

The Student Life and Development Student Academic Travel Grant can be used to reimburse CSULB Students for conference registration fees, transportation, lodging and memberships if required to present, co-present, compete and/or conduct a poster presentation. Please note that those students presenting and co-presenting are eligible to receive up to $400.00. Students conducting poster presentations or participating in competitions are eligible to receive up to $300.00.

Things You Should Know Before Submitting Your Application


  • This is academic travel. As a result, this grant supports only academic travel. To be eligible for this grant you must be presenting, co-presenting, conducting a poster presentation or participating in a competition.
  • This grant only supports travel which is related to your major.
  • You are encouraged to apply for both the ASI Travel Grant and this grant, as it is possible to receive both. To obtain the ASI grant please visit this link and log in with your Campus ID # and MyCSULB password: For instructions on how to apply for ASI Travel Grant please click HERE.        
  • Must be currently enrolled in Fall 2015 as a matriculated CSULB student at time of application. Students enrolled through extension services are ineligible.
  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled at time of application in 12 units and possess a minimum CUM GPA of 2.0 during the semester they are traveling.
  • Graduate students must be enrolled at time of application in 9 units and possess a minimum CUM GPA of 3.0.
  • If the required number of units is not met, attach a written explanation as to why. Your application may have to undergo additional evaluation which may include but not be limited to contacting your department.
  • Travel where you either present, co-present, compete or conduct a poster presentation at a professional academic conference, workshop, seminar and/or lecture.
  • Travel which enhances your co-curricular experience.
  • Travel that supports growth in your academic discipline.
  • Travel that exposes you to current trends in your field of study.
  • Travel that is related to your major.

Ineligible Travel

  • Travel for which its sole purpose is for you to just volunteer and/or attend.
  • Travel for which its sole purpose is to present you with an award.
  • Travel for which its sole purpose is to teach others.
  • Travel listed on a class syllabus and/or required for a class assignment.
  • Visiting other schools for potential enrollment or study abroad.
  • Job fairs or for Recreation and/or pleasure.
  • Travel which involves you being compensated for services rendered.
  • Travel listed on a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning, Centers for Disease Control, Prevention Travel Advisory, Embargo List and/or a World Health Organization listing of “Consideration to postpone all but essential travel” at least 10 days prior to the travel or visit (  Funding may be used for registration, transportation and lodging.