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California State University, Long Beach
Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center
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O'Dell Family Leadership Resource Library

In addition to a large collection of leadership books, experiential materials and resource materials, the O'Dell Family Leadership Resource Library provides a comfortable study environment where students have access to laptop computers, several worktables and a wireless internet connection.

Members of the CSULB community may browse leadership resources online or under the guidance of staff in the Leadership Resource Center:

Library Annotation List; June 1, 2003; by Title and Author


  1. The Heart of a Leader
    Blanchard, Ken
  2. Leadership Jazz
    De Pree, Max
  3. Managing Transitions
    Bridges, William
  4. Learning to Lead from your Spiritual Center Brown, Patricia D.
  5. College
    Boyer, Ernest L.
  6. Stewardship; Service Over Self Interest
    Block, Peter
  7. Why Leaders Can’t Lead
    Bennis, Warren
  8. Why Leaders Can’t Lead
    Bennis, Warren
  9. How to Win Friends and Influence People
    Carnegie, Dale
  10. Servant Leadership
    Greenleaf, Robert K.
  11. Principle-Centered Leadership
    Covey, Stephen R.
  12. Principle-Centered Leadership
    Covey, Stephen R.
  13. Making a Leadership Change
    Gilmore, Thomas North
  14. Leadership is Everyone’s Business
    Lawson, John D.
  15. Leading Without Power
    De Pree, Max
  16. Educating 4 Leadership
    Day Spring Leadership Innovations
  17. Educating 4 Leadership
    Day Spring Leadership Innovation
  18. Insights on Leadership
    Covey, Stephen R.
  19. Leadership
    Burns, James MacGregor
  20. Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun
    Roberts, Dr. Wess
  21. Leadership and the New Science
    Wheatley, Margaret J.
  22. Empowered Teams
    Wellins, Richard S.
  23. Leadership For Turbulent Times
    Sayles, Leonard R.
  24. Team Players and Teamwork
    Parker, Glenn M.
  25. Teamwork
    Parker, Glenn
  26. Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior
    Marcinko, Richard
  27. Visions for the 21st Century
    Moorcroft, Shieka ed.
  28. Anatomy of a Leader
    Mays, Carl
  29. Leadership; Multidisciplinary Perspectives
    Kellerman, Barbara
  30. Leadership; A New Synthesis
    Hunt, James G.
  31. Educating for Leadership
    Day Spring Leadership Innovations
  32. Handbook of Leadership Development
    McCauley, Cynthia D. ed.
  33. Leadership Education
    Center for Creative Leadership
  34. Leadership Resources 7th Edition
    Center for Creative Leadership
  35. Leadership Resources 8th Edition Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership Activities

  1. The ASTD Trainer’s Sourcebook
    Coyle, Anne
  2. An Alien Among Us; A Diversity Game
    Powers, Richard B.
  3. Activities for Trainers; 50 Useful Designs
    Mill, Cyrill R.
  4. Processing the Experience
    Luckner, John L.
  5. Leadership Practices Inventory
    Kouzes, James M.
  6. Quicksilver; Adventure Games
    Rohnke, Karl & Butler, Steve
  7. Open Minds to Equality
    Schniedewind, Nancy
  8. Games that Teach
    Sugar, Steve
  9. Funn Stuff
    Rohnke, Karl
  10. Youth Leadership in Action
    written by youth leaders
  11. Team Building for Diverse Work Groups
    Myers, Selma G.
  12. Working Together
    Simmons, Dr. George
  13. Games that Teach copy 2
    Sugar, Steve
  14. Cowstails and Cobras II
    Rohnke, Karl
  15. Working Together
    Ukens, Lorraine L.
  16. Team Building Activities for Every Group
    Jones, Alanna
  17. Team Building for Diverse Work Groups
    Myers, Selma G.
  18. Getting Together; Ice Breakers
    Ukens, Lorraine L.
  19. 25 Activities for Teams
    Rees, Fran
  20. Executive Marbles
    Sikes, Sam


  1. Intercultural Communication 2nd Edition
    Samovar and Porter
  2. Guide to Managerial Communication
    Munter, Mary
  3. The Volunteer Community
    Rainman, Eva Schindler
  4. California and Government Politics Today
    Sohner, Charles P.
  5. Workforce 2000
    Johnston, William B.
  6. Effective Management of Volunteer Programs
    Wilson, Marlene

New Additions-Donated by Dr. Marilyn Jensen and Randy Anderson

  1. From Confucius to Oz
    Crawford, Vernon
  2. UA Training Technologies (1-7)
    Pfeiffer, William J.
  3. Man Alive
    Coleman, Lyman
  4. Breaking Free
    Coleman, Lyman
  5. Groups in Action
    Coleman, Lyman
  6. Leadership is an Art
    De Pree, Max
  7. People at Work
    Francis, Dave
  8. The Three Boxes of Life
    Bolles, Richard N.
  9. Leisure Leadership
    Niepoth, E. William
  10. Diversity Simulation Games
    Thiagarajan, Sivasailam
  11. Feeding the Zircon Gorilla
    Sikes, Sam
  12. Silver Bullets
    Rohnke, Karl

Leadership Theories

  1. Teaching for Learning
    Dembo, H. Myron
  2. Advising Student Groups/Organizations
    Dunkel, Norbert W.
  3. Leadership Education: A Source Book
    Freeman, Frank H.
  4. Adventures in the Classroom
    Henton, Mary
  5. Communication and Organization Behavior
    Haney, William V.
  6. Group Organization Studies
    Jones, John E.
  7. Group Organization Studies
    Sashkin, Marshall
  8. The 21st Century Organization
    Benveniste, Guy
  9. Modern Approaches to Understanding
    Bolman, Lee G.
  10. Handbook of Leadership Development
    McCauley, Cynthia D.
  11. Leaders; Strategies for Taking Charge
    Bennis, Warren and Nanus Burt
  12. Campus Life: In Search of Community
    Boyer, Ernest L.
  13. Higher Learning in Transition
    Brudbaker, Rudy
  14. Programming Leisure Experiences
    Carpenter, Gaylene M.
  15. Personal Education and Community
    DeCoster, David A.
  16. Character Counts
    Multiple Authors
  17. Making Ethical Decisions
    Josephson, Michael
  18. The Strategy of Meetings
    Kieffer, George David
  19. Preparing for the 21st Century
    Kennedy, Paul
  20. Balancing Act
    Kofodimos, Joan
  21. Involving Colleges
    Kuh, George D.
  22. Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood
    Mezirow, Jack
  23. Large Scale Organizational Change
    Mohrman, Allan M. Jr.
  24. Leadership Reconsidered; Engaging
    Astin, Alexander W.
  25. Images of Organization
    Morgan, Gareth
  26. Imaginization
    Morgan, Gareth
  27. Educational Ideologies
    O’Niell, William F.
  28. The Elements of Moral Philosophy
    Rachels, James
  29. Theories of Career Development
    Osipow, Samuel H.
  30. Promoting Student Development...
    Winston, Roger B. Jr.
  31. The Effective Administrator
    Walker, Donald E.
  32. A Simpler Way
    Wheatley, Margaret J.
  33. Ethics in Policy Analysis
    Tong, Rosmarie
  34. The Fifth Discipline
    Senge, Peter M.
  35. Strategic Choices
    Primozic, Kenneth
  36. Creating Shared Vision
    Parker, Marjorie

Organizational Culture

  1. Megatrends for Women
    Aburdene, Patricia
  2. Megatrends for Women; From Liberation
    Aburdene, Patricia
  3. Cultures and Organizations
    Hofstede, Geert
  4. Women’s Ways of Knowing
    Belenky, Mary Field
  5. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice
    Adams, Maurianne
  6. Developing Intercultural Awareness
    Kohls, Robert L. and Knight, John M.
  7. Experiential Activities for Intercultural
    Seelye, H. Ned
  8. Capitalizing on Workplace Diversity
    Chang, Richard Y.
  9. Capitalizing on Workplace Diversity copy 2
    Chang, Richard Y.
  10. Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism
    Sparks, Louise Derman
  11. Intercultural Sourcebook: Cross Cultural...
    Fowler, Sandra M.
  12. Cultural Literacy
    Hirsch, E.D. Jr.
  13. Tools for Valuing Diversity
    Harris, Anthony W. & Myers, Selma
  14. Tools for Valuing Diversity copy 2
    Harris, Anthony W. & Myers, Selma
  15. The Family
    Bradshaw, John
  16. Managing Across Cultures
    Wilson, Meena S.
  17. Cross Cultural Dialogues
    Storti, Craig
  18. Finding Herself
    Josselson, Ruthellen
  19. Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, and
    Singelis, Theodore M.
  20. Between Cultures
    Seelye, H. Ned
  21. Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
    Riggs, Robert O.
  22. Communicating Across Cultures
    Prince, Don W. & Hoppe, Michael H.
  23. The Assertive Woman
    Phelps, Stanlee & Austin, Nancy
  24. Successful Staffing in a Diverse Workplace
    Orey, Maureen C.
  25. Successful Staffing in a Diverse Workplace
    Orey, Maureen C.
  26. Making Diversity Happen
    Morrison, Ann M.
  27. Implementing Diversity
    Loden, Marilyn
  28. Communicating in a Diverse Workplace
    Kuga, Lillian A.
  29. Communicating in a Diverse Workplace
    Kuga, Lillian A.

Self Help For Leaders

  1. Dollars and Sense for College Students
    Braitman, Ellen
  2. Habits of the Heart
    Bellah, Robert N.
  3. Transitions
    Bridges, William
  4. Zapp; The Lightning of Empowerment
    Byham, Dr. William C.
  5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Workbook
    Carlson, Dr. Richard
  6. I’m Ok- You’re Ok
    Harris, Dr. Thomas
  7. Leadership Without Easy Answers
    Heifetz, Ronald A.
  8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Covey, Stephen R.
  9. Where Do I Go From Here With My Life?
    Crystal, John C.
  10. After Virtue
    MacIntire, Alasdair
  11. The Power of Character
    Josephson, Michael S.
  12. Overwhelmed
    Schlossberg, Nancy K.
  13. A Whack on the Side of the Head
    Von Oech, Roger
  14. When I Say No, I Feel Guilty
    Smith, Dr. Manuel J.
  15. Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will
    Tichy, Noel M. & Stratford Sherman

For questions, contact Jeff Klaus, Director, Student Life and Development University Student Union, 215 at (562) 985-8669.