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California State University, Long Beach
Student Health Services
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About Us

Welcome Students


Mission Statement

The mission of Student Health Services is to support academic excellence by promoting physical and mental well-being, through affordable quality health services and education. Utilizing a team of dedicated professionals, we provide sensitive, confidential healthcare services to a diverse campus community.

Vision Statement

We are distinguished by professional excellence and collaboration in wellness services that are student-centered, respectful and accessible.


  • Student success
  • Quality care
  • Respect and sensitivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust and collaboration
  • Individual growth and development

Meet our Staff

Director of Student Health Services

Mary Ann Takemoto, Ph.D.


Michael Carbuto, D.O., M.P.H. Lead Physician

Patricia Convery, M.D.

Kimberly Fodran, M.D.

Laurel Babcock-Gill, Nurse Practitioner

Kate Clark, Nurse Practitioner

Bonnie Cegles, Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Maciel, Nurse Practitioner

Rose Darne, Physician Assistant

Julie McKay, Physician Assistant

Chanuwat Suntalus, Physician Assistant

Rosemary Tilmon-Kellum, Physician Assistant


Angela Girard, RN, Associate Director: Nursing, Medical Records, Lab, EMR
  • Deborah Bernal, RN
  • Donna Davidson, RN
  • Katie Jackson, RN
  • Alfred Lopez, RN
  • Kathleen Ludvigsen, RN
  • Tressa McCullough, RN
  • Jennifer Longstreet, RN
  • Michelle Casillano, LVN
  • Kandi Dubrall, LVN
  • La Tanya Franklin, LVN
  • Faith Gronquist, LVN
  • Annie Johnson, LVN
  • Barbara Marks, LVN
  • Sherice Sanford, LVN
  • Lashanda Boone, Medical Assistant
  • Corina Carpiet, Medical Assistant
  • Amber Hackert, Medical Assistant
  • Susan Kohn, Medical Assistant
  • Benjamin Naranjo, Medical Assistant
  • Priscilla Villarreal, Medical Assistant

Clinical Laboratory

  • Dolores Salvatierra, Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Lab Supervisor
  • Donna Rhinehart, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Mary-Jane Lim, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Fernando Perez, Clinical Laboratory Scientist


  • Kathy Chen, Registered Pharmacist
  • Jean Kim, Pharmacy Technician


  • Janice Braun, Radiology Technologist

Health Resource Center (HRC) & Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Program (ATOD)

Kristen Fabiszewski, C.N.M., N.P., Assistant Director & Coordinator of Quality Assurance
  • Heidi Burkey, MPH, CHES, Health Educator HRC Supervisor
  • Heidi Ortiz, MPH, CHES, Coordinator Alcohol Tobacco ad Other Drugs Prevention Programs
  • Holly Boettner, MPH, CHES, Health Educator
  • Christina Goldpaint, MPH, CHES, Health Educator
  • Jennifer Layno, Health Education Assistant
  • Linda Pena, MA, CADC, Health Educator
  • Hung Chung, Administrative Support Assistant II

Budget and Facilities

Ben Brown, Assistant Director, Budget and Facilities Coordinator

Family Pact

  • Susie Lopez - Family Pact Coordinator

Information Technology

  • Huy Nguyen, System Analyst
  • James Burkett, Info Tech Supervisor
  • Michael Harris, Electronic Medical Records Coordinator & Special Reports

Front Office

  • Lee Eames, Office Supervisor
  • Liz Fisher
  • Adam Fuller
  • Cindy Saldana
  • Ashley York

Cashier Office

  • Dolora Griarte- Account Technician

Central Supply

  • William Lucas - Stock Clerk

Medical Records

  • Cecilia Mendoza-Wong, Health Information Technician

Case Manager

  • Mary Jane Tapia

Administrative Office

  • Julie Decker, Assistant to the Director


Angela Girard, RN, Assistant Director: Nursing, Medical Records & Front Office

  • Deborah Bernal, RN
  • Donna Davidson, RN
  • Kandi Dubrall, LVN
  • Faith Gronquist, LVN
  • Barbara Marks, LVN
  • Sherice Sanford, LVN
  • Lashanda Boone, Medical Assistant
  • Corina Carpiet, Medical Assistant
  • Susan Kohn, Medical Assistant