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California State University, Long Beach
Student Health Services
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Sexual Assault Information

About Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact including touching, penetration by a person or object either vaginally or anally and oral sex. It also includes forced touching of another’s body.

Rape is a specific form of sexual assault that includes sexual intercourse without consent. According to the U. S. Department of Justice, victims of rape and sexual assault report that in nearly 3 out of 4 incidents, the offender was not a stranger.1

Services Provided to Sexual Assault Survivors

Female doctor
  • Clinicians may assess sexual assault injuries, may provide treatment, and/or refer patient to an outside resource for appropriate care.
  • Provide testing for STI’s such as: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphilis.
  • Offer the Emergency Contraceptive Pill and pregnancy test.
  • Provide resources for further counseling, education and sexual assault support networks

At Student Health Services a student will never be judged. Survivors of sexual assault are not responsible for the hurtful action taken against them.

Sexual Assault is violence. It is not about sex; it’s about power and control over another person.

Student Health Services focuses attention and care on the needs of the survivor. For further information please call S.A.F.E. at (562) 985-1732.

Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.)

It is critical for campuses to provide services for sexual assault survivors. Student Health Services is an on-campus medical facility that assists survivors who wish to report the crime through mandated reporting and will directly connect them to a team member from the Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.).

However, for both students who choose to report and those who do not choose to report, Student Health Services provides necessary services to all students who have been sexually assaulted.

Campus S.A.R.T. Participants

Sexual assault is a critical issue for all college and university campuses. Even though many educational institutions officially report zero sexual assault crimes each year, this offense is known to be a historically underreported crime. View the CSULB crime statistics.

Assembly Bill 1088 was passed in October 2005 and requires campus administrators to provide educational and preventative information about sexual violence to students; and post sexual violence prevention and education information on its campus website. Also, this bill mandates universities to develop policies encouraging students to report sexual assaults.

1 Bureau of Justice Statistics. Sex Offenses and Offenders 1997. Wahingston, DC: US Department of Justice.

Created on 8/20/2007 (LP)