Due to the current health advisory, Student Health Services is open for essential services only, such as acute illnesses. At this time, we are not open for routine appointments such as STI testing, wellness exams, or nutrition counseling; these services will be postponed until further notice.

A healthy diet is an important component for a thriving body and mind. The foods we consume play an important role in how we feel now and prevention of future disease. Students can either meet with a peer nutrition counselor or a registered dietitian depending on their needs. Appointments with peer nutrition counselors and the registered dietitian are free of charge.

Peer Nutrition Counseling is available during the fall and spring semesters, and our spring 2020 nutrition counseling will begin February 24.

Peer nutrition counselors can provide helpful information about healthy eating on the go, incorporating healthy foods on a budget, or making dietary changes for cholesterol or high blood pressure.

For more complex medical issues or eating disorders, please make an appointment with the Registered Dietitian by calling (562) 985-4609 or making an appointment in person at the Office of Wellness & Health Promotion.

Appointments for peer nutrition counseling must be made in person at the Office of Wellness & Health Promotion and students must complete a Confidential Intake Form - PDF before making an appointment. This form helps the peer nutrition counselor know what you would like to discuss during the session so they can prepare for your appointment. The Confidential Intake Form - PDF must be submitted in person at the Office of Wellness & Health Promotion; no forms will be accepted through email.

A registered dietitian is available for students who have medically complex nutrition concerns such as diabetes or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The registered dietitian is also available to see students with eating disorders.

To make an appointment with the registered dietitian, please call (562) 985-4609. After the appointment is made, you will need to fill out an appointment questionnaire through the online patient portal. This online questionnaire must be completed before you see the registered dietitian.

Our nutrition workshop is taught by peer educators in the Student Health Services. This workshop covers healthy eating on a budget, preparing fast and healthy meals, benefits of eating a healthy diet, and intuitive eating.