Immunization Requirements

All incoming students must show proof of required immunizations.

If you are 18 or younger on your first scheduled day of class, there are two required immunizations:

  • Measles/Rubella
  • Hepatitis B

If you are 19 or older on your first day of class, there is one required immunization:

  • Measles/Rubella

Housing Residents:

  • In addition to the requirements listed above, all students moving into Housing/Residence Halls must also have proof of meningitis vaccine by move-in date.
  • Meningitis Vaccine- Menactra or Menveo meet the requirement. Meningitis B vaccines such as Trumenba or Bexsero will not be accepted as proof.

International and ALI Students

  • In addition to the requirements listed above, international and ALI students must have proof of a tuberculosis skin test, chest x-ray or tuberculosis blood test (Quantiferon) within the past year.

Please email the following forms to

Immunization Clinics at Student Health Services

  • Appointments are recommended for immunizations.
  • Appointments are required for Travel Vaccines.
  • Make an appointment online or call the Student Health Services at 562-985-4771.
  • Check in at Student Health Services.
  • Before receiving an immunization, it is recommended that you eat breakfast or lunch.
  • After receiving an immunization you must wait 20 minutes before leaving the building.

Immunizations and Pricing

Prices may change without notice and insurance will not be billed.

Influenza [seasonal flu vaccine]: $5.00
Tuberculosis Blood Test (Quantiferon): $50.00
Tuberculosis Skin Test: Free
Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) $73.35
Hepatitis A (2 shot series) $37.00 each
Hepatitis B (3 shot series) $45.00 each
Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis - Combined) $29.25
Gardasil HPV (3 shot series) $199.00 per shot*
Meningitis $115.00
Typhoid (shot): $98.25

  • Free through Patient Assistance Program for uninsured students 19-45.*
  • Book online or call 562-985-4609.*

Sources: CSU Executive Order No. 803 Immunization Requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

Measles/Rubella are childhood diseases with potentially serious effects on adult health.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that affects the liver with potentially serious lifelong health consequences. The Hepatitis B vaccination has been shown to be safe and effective in providing protective immunity through a series of three shots given over a four to six month period.

Meningitis is an inflammation (swelling) of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. It can refer to any illness caused by the type of bacteria called Neisseria meningitides. These illnesses are often severe and can be deadly. The CDC recommends vaccinating people identified as being at increased risk (such as housing students).

  • Obtain a copy of your medical or high school record showing dates of shots given
  • Obtain a copy of your medical record of blood tests showing immunity

Please email the following forms to

From your doctor, local health department or CSULB Student Health Services

Contact Student Health Services: (562) 985-4771 and ask to speak to the immunization nurse.

United States Centers for Disease Control provides vaccine information about immunizations and diseases for the general public.

Effective Fall 2019, only medical exemptions will be accepted. You must provide a letter from your physician stating why you are exempt from meeting the immunization requirements.