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Category III - Modify or Cancel An Existing Fee Within Approved Ranges

General Information
Department / College College of the Arts (Dept ID: 00117)
Division AA
Course Catalog Number(s) FEA 328
Course Name(s) Film & Video Lighting
Fee Name FEA Materials #1
Purpose of the Fee To supply students with a roll (100') of 16mm negative film stock.
Detailed Fee Description To supply students with a roll of 16mm film, to include film processing and printing for in-class demonstrations.
Reason for Changing Adding new course, FEA 328, to the existing course FEA 309.
Effective Date Spring 2012
Contact Information
Name Steve Hubbert
Contact Phone: 5-5573, Email:
Request Status
Date Requested 9/27/11
Last Modified 3/20/12
Request ID 163
Account Number 501110
Fund Code CF069
Status Implemented


Calculation of Fee Level
Personnel Services Cost
  Last Year Min (Year 1) Max (Year 2)
Salaries and Wages
Temporary Help Cost
Student Assistants Cost
Staff Benefits Cost
Other Personnel Services Cost
Supplies and Services
Tangible Consumable
1850 2375 2375
Other Supplies and Services
Other Costs
Any Other Costs
Total Costs (A) $ 1850 $ 2375 $ 2375
Number of Students/Year (B) 25 25 25
Calculated Cost per Student (C) = A / B $ 74 $ 95 $ 95
Current Fee per Student (D) $ 74
Increase/Decrease in Fee (E) = C - D   From $ 21 To $ 21
Recommended Fee $ 95
Authorization to Submit Request
Division VP/Appropriate Admin. Signature:_________________ Date:__________
Division AVP/College Dean Raymond Torres-Santos Signature:_________________ Date:__________
Department Chair/Manager Micheal C. Pounds Signature:_________________ Date:__________
ASM Kathy Skara Signature:_________________ Date:__________

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