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California State University, Long Beach
Student Fee Advisory Committee, CSULB
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Statement of Revenue and Expenditures

Last Updated: May 14/2014

The president is responsible for assuring that appropriate and meaningful consultation occurs prior to adjusting any Category II, III, IV, or V fees, before establishing a new Category IV or V fee, and before requesting that the chancellor establish a new Category II or Category III fee.

A statement of revenues and expenditures including a minimum of one year of actual costs (if applicable) and two years of projected revenue and expenditures for the fee revenue supported activity shall be developed by the requestor, approved by the campus chief financial officer or designee and considered by the president prior to establishing or adjusting any fee.

All fee requests for Categories II, III, IV, and V whether to establish a new fee or adjust an existing fee require a Statement of Revenue and Expenditures.

Category III Fees for Course Fees and Travel Fees are also subject to the following ranges and definitions.

  • $0-$150 Course Fees. Fees that supplement the basic complement of classroom and laboratory instruction by providing tangible materials and services that would otherwise be unavailable to students, and which allow students to meet the educational objectives of a given course.
  • $0-$3,000 Travel Fees. Fees for courses that require field trips or travel off campus in order to meet the educational objectives of a given course.
For more detail on the authority, responsibility and accountability for Category III fees, please read the Miscellaneous Course Fees Policy.

Effective Date

Please select the semester and year that the fee will be effective.

Fee Level/Ranges

Last Year Actual (if requesting an adjustment of the fee level for an existing fee)
Please note that the reviewer of the request to increase the fee must compare the total actual costs for the previous year as stated on line item (A) to the Actual fee revenue collected in the previous year stated on line (E). Therefore, the excess of actual revenue over actual expenses will not support your request to increase the fee unless adequate explanation / justification is provided, as explained below.

Minimum (Year One) - Needed for all fee requests
Please state the projected cost (and the number of students) for the first year.

Maximum (Year Two) - Needed for all fee requests
Please state the projected cost (and the number of students) for the second year. Usually, the cost during the second year is higher than the first year due to general price increases.

Cost Elements & Projected Costs

The following are examples of costs to include

Personnel Services

  1. Salaries and Wages
  2. Temporary Help
  3. Student Assistants
  4. Staff Benefits
  5. Other

Supplies and Services

  1. Tangible Consumable Materials
  2. Services
  3. Insurance
  4. Rentals
  5. Other

Include any expense item that does not fit into either of the 2 categories listed above (i.e. Personnel Services and Supplies & Services). Detail explanation should be provided.

What Fee Amount Do You Recommend?

Please recommend the appropriate fee level for implementation.