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California State University, Long Beach
Student Fee Advisory Committee, CSULB
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CSULB Student Fee
Policy and Fee Request Process

Important Notes

  • Effective January 14, 2011, student fee requests are governed by California State University Executive Order 1054: The California State University Fee Policy. This website provides forms and requirements based on Executive Order 1054.
  • Executive Order 1054 supercedes Executive Order 1034. All administrative guidelines, procedures and forms related to EO 1034 no longer apply.
  • Fee requests must be submitted two months prior to the start of registration for the targeted term.
    Target Term for Implementation Due Date for Fee Request
    Fall February 1st
    Spring September 1st
    Summer January 1st
    Winter August 1st
  • A Statement of Revenue and Expenditures is mandatory for all Category II, III, IV, and V fee requests.
  • Supplemental materials may be appended to the fee request for presentation to the Student Fee Advisory Committee, AVP Financial Management and President. Examples include a schedule comparing the requested fee to the same fee at comparable institutions, vendor quotes, or a history of the fee amount showing increases (decreases) by year. These are not required.

Requests for Fee Increases

  • Before you request a fee increase, you should exhaust (i.e. spend) any excess of actual revenue collected over actual expenses and commitments.
  • If excess revenue over expenses exists, you should demonstrate and support by appropriate vouchers that the anticipated increase in cost exceeds the excess of revenue over expenses.
  • If the requested increase in fee level/range is due to anticipated decline in the number of users without a corresponding decrease in the cost, you need to support this argument with appropriate documents / vouchers.

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