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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 152

Name Deadline
180 Medical College Scholarship Program 6/1/16
2016 WebstaurantStore Scholarship 6/15/16
A Place for Mom Scholarship 4/15/16
Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants Scholarship Award 6/10/16
Abel Wolman Fellowship 1/11/16
ACEC Scholarship CA 1/15/16
ACLS Medical Training Scholarship 12/31/15
ACS Scholarship 5/31/16
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship 10/6/16
AfterCollege Scholarships 6/30/16
AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship 6/30/16
All About Education Scholarship 4/30/17
Animal Compassion Veterinary Scholarship Award 12/30/16
Annual Depression Treatment Education Scholarship 12/15/16
Annual USA University Student Scholarship 12/1/16
Annual Van Sant Law Veterans’ Scholarship 6/15/16
Anxiety Treatment Education Scholarship 12/15/16
Application.Careers $500 Scholarship Contest 5/15/16
Architecture and Drafting Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/17
Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship 8/31/16
Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship 11/30/16
ASCE- Achievement Scholarship 9/23/16
ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships 12/1/16
ATTSavings App Scholarship Contest 6/14/16
B. Davis Scholarship 5/23/16
Bella Bathrooms: Scholarship for Outstanding Business Innovation 9/30/16
Best Hospitalities 11/30/16 Scholarship Program 7/31/16
BigSun Scholarship 6/17/16
Blakemore Freeman Fellowship 12/30/16
Boling Rice LLC Scholarship 12/31/16
Brick House Scholarship 5/30/16
Bud Siegfried Scholarship 7/31/16
Business Administration Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/17
Business-Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
BUTEX Scholarship 6/15/16
Candere Scholarship 12/30/16
CenturyLink Scholarship 6/14/16
Chameleon John Annual Student Scholarship 12/1/16
Charles (Pete) Conrad, Jr. Scholarship 5/23/16
Charles Rangel International Affairs Scholarship 1/16/16
Clair A. Hill Scholarship 12/31/15
College of the Arts (COTA) 2/25/16
College Scholarship for Students from Foster Care 3/31/16
CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship 6/15/16
DAAD Scholarship-Undergraduate 1/31/16
Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students 3/24/16 Scholarship Program 12/31/16
Dolman Law Group Scholarship 7/31/16
Dr. & Mrs. Seymour and Reva Alban Scholarship in Jewish Studies 2/25/16
Economics Department Scholarships 3/14/16
Executive Fellowship Program 2/8/16
Fabbrini Law Group Scholarship 7/15/16
Flosum scholarship program 12/15/16
FNSNA Scholarship 1/16/16
Force and Motion Scholarship 1/11/16
Francis Crawford Marvin American Indian Scholarship 2/10/16
Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship 2/1/16
Future in Medicine Scholarship 6/15/16
G2 Software Systems Scholarship 2/18/16
Gates Millenium Scholarship 1/13/16
Glenn M. Nagel Undergraduate Research Scholarship 2/18/16
Good360 Sustainability Scholarship 5/31/16
GoodCall's Best Decision Scholarship 7/31/16
Grace Harrington Wilson Scholarship 1/15/16
Graduate Nursing Scholarships 2/1/16
Harris Personal Injury Scholarship 5/31/16 Annual Scholarship Program 12/31/16
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship 1/11/16
HubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship 11/1/16
I Have a Dream Scholarship 1/31/17
Influence Print Award for Design Excellence 2016 12/31/16
Innovation in Education Scholarship 4/20/16
Institutue of Food Technologists 4/1/16
James Madison Memorial Graduate Fellowship 3/1/16
James Stephenson Scholarship 2/18/16
Jean and Robert Blakey Jewish Studies Memorial Endowed Student Award 2/25/16
Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship 2/8/16
Judicial Administration Fellowship Program 2/8/16
King Ice Scholarship 3/31/16
KSTF Teaching Fellowship 11/27/16
LendEDU Scholarship 4/15/16
Lester London Award 1/15/16
Loy McCandless Marks Scholarship 1/15/16
Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship - Spring 2/5/16
Mable & Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarship 10/31/16
Margie Mandelblatt Award 1/15/16
Margot Seitelman Memorial Scholarship 1/15/16
Mark A. Forester Scholarship 6/1/16
Master's Scholarship Program 2/3/16
MBA Scholarships 12/31/16
Medals of America Scholarship 4/16/16
Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship 1/15/16
Mensa Member Award 1/15/16
Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Scholarship 12/31/15
Microsoft General Scholarships 1/31/16
Mometrix College Scholarship 5/20/16
Money Geek Scholarship Search 12/1/16
National Scholarships 5/15/16
Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) 12/31/16
Ortho Scholar Scholarship 3/31/16
PayScale Scholarship 2/29/16
Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship 3/15/16
Personality Type Scholarship 6/3/16
PlayYourCourse Young Entrepreneur Scholarship 12/1/16
Point101 Scholarship 12/31/16
Pre-Veterinary and General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship 12/31/16
QUITDAY.ORG Scholarship 3/31/16
Richard M. Weaver Fellowship 1/16/16
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarships 2/5/16
Rolex Scholarship 12/31/15
Rotary Club of Long Beach: Nursing and Health Related Scholarship 4/15/16
Rotary Club of Long Beach: Traditional Scholarship 4/15/16
SBBWA 2016 Scholarship 3/28/16
School Psychology and Education Specialist (College of Education) Transition Planning Training Grant 8/15/17
School Psychology (College of Education) MTSS Training Grant 8/15/16
Selected Professions Fellowships 1/10/16
Senate Fellowship Program 2/8/16
SEO Company Scholarship 12/19/16
ShirtSpace BiAnnual 2.5K Scholarship 6/30/16
Sleepopolis $1,000 Scholarship 3/31/16
SME Education Foundation Scholarships 2/1/16
Source Supply College Scholarship 5/31/16
South Bay Alumnae Panhellenic Association Scholarship 4/2/16
Southwest Airlines Education Travel Program 5/13/16
Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund 5/15/16
Stuart L. Farber Endowed Merit Scholarship for Ethical Conduct, Civility, and ASI Leadership Service 3/24/16
Study Abroad Scholarship 3/14/16
The Disabled Student Scholarship 8/1/16
The Foroutan Scholarship 5/15/16
The JVS Scholarship Program 3/31/16
The Law Office of Michael D. Waks Essay Contest 7/1/16
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship 12/15/16
The Special Education Scholarship 8/1/16
The Western Union Foundation Family Scholarship Program 5/25/16
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/15/16
Toni and Alex Horowitz Scholarship 2/25/16
Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women 10/14/16 Jump Ahead Scholarship 2/1/16
TrichStop’s Trichotillomania Awareness Scholarship 6/21/16
Truman Scholarship 2/2/16
UK Scholarships 1/15/16
Union Plus Scholarship 1/31/16
Vertical Flight Foundation Engineering Scholarships 2/1/16
Vet Tech Schools Scholarship 1/15/16
W. H. (Howie) McClennan Scholarship 2/1/16
Wayne V. Black Scholarship 1/29/16
White House Fellows 1/12/16
Wise Company Scholarship Contest 6/1/16
Young Philanthropist Scholarship 2/29/16