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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 83

Name Deadline
180 Medical College Scholarship Program 6/1/15
49er Textbook Scholarship 2/25/16
Addiction Story Scholarship 12/11/15
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship 10/7/15
Affordable Colleges Online Scholarships 12/1/15
Alan T. Nishio Social Justice Leadership for Higher Education Award 2/25/16
Annual Depression Treatment Education Scholarship 12/15/15
APTA Minority Scholarship Award 12/1/15
Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship 11/30/15
ASCE- Achievement Scholarship 9/15/15
ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships 12/1/15
Assistance League of Long Beach Scholarship 2/4/16
Beauchamp Family Scholarship 10/8/15
Best Hospitalities 11/30/15
Business (CBA) Scholarships 10/1/15
Carl E. Riley Endowed STEM Award 2/25/16
CBA Scholarship 3/12/15
Clark Scholarship 12/15/15
Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship 5/26/16
Coca-Cola Scholars Program 10/31/15
College Scholarship for Students from Foster Care 3/31/16
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange For Young Professionals 12/1/15
CSU Future Scholars Award 10/8/15
CSULB General Scholarship for Working Students 2/25/16
CustomerBloom Scholarship Program 11/28/15
Custume Made Scholarships 12/15/15
DAAD Scholarship-Undergraduate 1/31/16 Scholarship Program 12/31/15
Digital Marketing Scholarship 10/5/15
Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship 11/15/15
Douglas W. Robinson Student Success Scholarship 2/25/16
Education Matters Scholarship 11/30/15
Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship 12/31/15
Flosum Scholarship 12/15/15
Flosum scholarship program 12/15/16 Scholarship 12/15/15
Future Engineers Scholarship 10/15/15
Gates Cambridge Scholarship 10/15/15
Gates Millenium Scholarship 1/13/16
GEM Masters Engineering Fellowships 11/15/15
Gladys A. Moreau Scholarship 11/23/15
HCP National Annual Scholarship 10/1/15 Annual Scholarship Program 12/31/15
In-Home Care Innovation Scholarship 12/31/15
Innovation in Education Scholarship 12/20/15
James Madison Memorial Graduate Fellowship 3/1/16
John and Flora Olsen Scholarship 2/25/16
John E. Kashiwabara Endowed Academic Award 2/25/16
King Ice Scholarship 3/31/15
Lemberg Law Lemon Justice Scholarship 11/30/15
Live Your Dream Awards 11/15/15
Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship - Fall 10/9/15
Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship - Spring 2/5/16
MAES Scholarship Program 10/15/15
Marjorie M. Shostak Scholarship 11/23/15
Mark A. Forester Scholarship 12/21/15
MesotheliomaHelp Essay Scholarship 10/9/15
Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Scholarship 12/31/15
Ortho Scholar Scholarship 3/31/16
Osher Reentry Scholarship 2/25/16
Phi Delta Gamma - Phi Chapter Award 2/25/16
Rhodes Scholarships 10/1/15
Robinett Family Veterans Success Scholarship - Fall 10/8/15
Robinett Family Veterans Success Scholarship - Spring 2/25/16
Rotary Club of Long Beach: Millennium Scholarship 2/25/16
Rotary Club of Long Beach: Nursing and Health Related Scholarship 2/25/16
Ruth R. Guthrie Scholarship 2/25/16
Senator Jenny Oropeza Memorial Scholarship 2/25/16
Study Abroad Scholarships 11/3/15
The ClickMinded Digital Marketing Scholarship 12/15/15
The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center Scholarship 10/31/15
The McKenzie Law Firm Legacy Planning Scholarship 11/29/15
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship 12/15/15
TicketCity Annual College Scholarship Program 11/11/15
Tony Ferris Memorial Scholarship 2/25/16
TrichStop’s Trichotillomania Awareness Scholarship 12/21/15
Tuition Won't Stop Me Scholarship 10/7/15
Union Plus Scholarship 1/31/16
Vet Tech Schools Scholarship 1/15/16
Walmart Associate Scholarship 9/3/15
Women and Philanthropy Reentry Scholarships 12/18/15
Women and Philanthropy Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Scholarships 12/18/15
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship 10/31/15