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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 522

Name Deadline
180 Medical College Scholarship Program 6/1/15
49er Textbook Scholarship 3/5/15
A Place for Mom Scholarship 4/15/15
A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Memorial Scholarship 4/30/15
AAUW - Long Beach Frances Magarian Scholarship 4/6/15
Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants Scholarship 6/15/15
Abel Wolman Fellowship 1/6/15
Accounting Development Scholarship 3/12/15
Accounting Leadership Award 3/12/15
Accounting Working Student Award 3/12/15
ACEC Scholarship 3/6/15
ACLS Medical Training Scholarship 12/31/14
ACS Scholarship 3/1/15
ACWA Scholarship 4/1/15
Adele Filene Student Presenter Grant 3/1/15
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship 10/7/15
AFTE Scholarship 4/1/15
AfterCollege Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship 3/31/15
AfterCollege Scholarship 3/31/15
AfterCollege Scholarships 3/31/15
AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship 3/31/15
AICPA Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students 4/1/15
AIFS International Scholarship 4/15/15
AIFs-HACU Scholarship- Fall 4/15/15
AIFs-HACU Scholarship- Spring 4/15/15
AJA Fellowship Program 2/23/15
ALA General Scholarships 2/1/15
Alan T. Nishio Social Justice Leadership for Higher Education Award 3/5/15
Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship 3/31/15
Alexander Graham Bell College Scholarship 3/13/15
All About Education Scholarship 4/30/15
AMBUCS Scholarships for Therapists 4/15/15
American Express Scholarship 5/1/15
American Indian Education Foundation Graduate Scholarship 4/4/15
American Indian Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 4/4/15
American Indian Graduate Scholarship 4/4/15
American Library Association Scholarship Programs 3/1/15
American Patriot Scholarship 3/2/15
American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarship 3/1/15
AMS Undergraduate Scholarship 2/6/15
Amy Kimball Memorial Scholarship 3/19/15
Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship 1/15/15
Anne Maureen Whitney Barrow Memorial Scholarship 2/16/15
Annemarie Pellerito Scholarship 2/12/15
Annual College Student of America Scholarship 12/20/14
APIASF Scholarships 1/9/15
APTA Minority Scholarship Award 12/1/15
Architecture and Drafting Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/15
Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship 8/31/15
Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship 11/30/15
ASCE- Achievement Scholarship 3/1/15
ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships 12/1/15
ASI Scholarship 3/6/15
ASNE Scholarship Program 2/27/15
Assistance League of Long Beach Scholarship 2/5/15
Astrid G. Cates Scholarship 3/1/15
ATTSavings App Scholarship Contest 12/14/14
Audrey Nichol Hauth Scholarship 3/5/15
Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarship 6/30/15
Avrek Law DriveSafe Scholarship 6/1/15
AWG Minority Scholarship 6/30/15
B. Davis Scholarship 5/25/15
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship 1/23/15
Beatrice and John Janosco Memorial Scholarship 2/9/15
Beauchamp Family Scholarship 10/9/14 Scholarship Program 1/1/15
Beverly August Awards 3/23/15
Biafora Sparagna Italian Graduate Scholarship 3/19/15
BigSun Scholarship 6/19/15
Bill Jaquith Scholarship 4/15/15
Blakemore Freeman Fellowship 12/30/14
Boeing Business Scholarship 3/12/15
Boling Rice LLC Scholarship 1/15/15
Brick House Scholarship 4/1/15
Brunner-Brown Leadership Scholarship 3/19/15
Bud Siegfried Scholarship 7/31/15
Business Administration Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/15
Business-Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
BUTEX Scholarship 6/14/15
Byron Hanke Scholarship 5/1/15
California Capital Airshow Scholarship 5/15/15
California Strawberry Scholarship 2/15/15
California Student Scholarship 3/2/15
CANFit Graduate Scholarship 3/31/15
CANFit Undergraduate Scholarship 3/31/15
Cangiano Italian Graduate Scholarship 3/19/15
CARiD Scholarship Program 4/30/15
Carl E. Riley Endowed STEM Award 3/5/15
CBA Scholarship 3/12/15
CEA Scholarships 5/10/15
CED Scholarships 2/5/15
CeEtta Crayton Community Development Scholarship 3/6/15
Center for Latino Community Mexico Study Abroad Scholarships 3/16/15
CenturyLink Scholarship 6/17/15
CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship 7/1/15
Chairscholars Foundation, Inc. Scholarships 4/15/15
Charles (Pete) Conrad, Jr. Scholarship 5/23/15
Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 3/15/15
Charles Hamburger Ph.D Student Award 3/12/15
Charles Rangel International Affairs Scholarship 1/17/15
CHCI Scholarship 4/16/15
Chevron Scholarships 2/16/15
Child Family Health International 7/15/15
Christina Speaker Scholarship 3/27/15
Chrysalis Scholarship 3/31/15
CJSA Scholarship 5/1/14
Clair A. Hill Scholarship 2/1/15
Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship 2/16/15
Clay Lacy Scholarship 5/23/15
Cliffside Malibu Student Scholarships 5/31/15
Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship 5/28/15
Coca-Cola Scholars Program 10/31/15
COE Scholarships 2/26/15
Collection Study Grants 12/15/14
College Scholarship for Students from Foster Care 3/31/15
Communications and Journalism-Bachelors Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
Communications Scholarships Program 4/1/15
Communicative Disorders Scholarship Program 3/30/15
Computer Science and Computer Engineering Academic Award 4/1/15
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange For Young Professionals 12/1/15
Contra Costa Association of Realtors Scholarship 4/30/15 Scholarship Program 2/28/15
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/15
CSU Future Scholars Award 10/9/14
CSU Pre-Doctoral Program 3/13/15
CSU Trustees Award for Outstanding Achievement 3/26/15
CSULB General Scholarship for Working Students 3/5/15
Curtiss T & Mary Brennan Foundation 4/15/15
Cystic Fibrosis Scholarships 3/23/15
DAAD Scholarship-Undergraduate 1/31/15
Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students 3/26/15
Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship 2/20/15
DAR Scholarships 2/15/15
Data Recovery YouTube Challenge Scholarship 12/30/14
Davis-Putter Grants 4/1/15
Deana's Wish Memorial Scholarship 3/1/15
DegreeDirectory Academic Business Scholarship 4/1/15
DegreeDirectory Communications and Journalism Scholarship 4/1/15
DegreeDirectory Psychology and Counseling Scholarship 4/1/15
DegreeDirectory Social Sciences Scholarship 4/1/15
Delta Delta Delta Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 3/5/15
Dennys Hungry for Education Scholarship 4/2/15
Dick Soderlund 'Against All Odds' Scholarship 4/28/15 Scholarship Program 12/31/15
Disability Awareness Scholarship 2/10/15
Disabled Student Services Scholarships 10/10/14
Do Over Scholarship 6/30/15
Dolphin Scholarship 3/17/15
DOMO Scholarship 12/31/14
Donald J. Reish Student Research Grant 2/15/15
Dorothy Lemke Howarth Scholarships 2/16/15
Doug Polly and Jean Han Student Award 3/5/15
Douglas McNeally Award 3/23/15
Douglas W. Robinson Student Success Scholarship 3/5/15
Dr. & Mrs. Seymour and Reva Alban Scholarship in Jewish Studies 3/5/15
Dr. Marilyn Jensen Graduate Student Scholarship 3/6/15
Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program 12/10/14
Drive to Learn Scholarship 5/1/15
Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship 6/30/15
Ebell-Heimberger Scholarship 3/23/15
Ebell/Flint Scholarship 4/1/15
Eckenfelder Scholarship 4/15/15
Ed Bradley Scholarship 5/31/15
Edison Scholars Program (CNSM) 2/26/15
Edison Scholars Program (CSU) 3/26/15
Education and Teaching- Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
Education Matters Scholarship 11/30/15
Edwin A. Roberts Scholarship 3/31/14
Electrochemical Society Summer Fellowship 1/15/15
Elie Wiesel Foundation Essay Contest 12/8/14
Elizabeth E. Nielsen Scholarship Fund 2/9/15
Ellis Injury Law Diversity Scholarship Award 6/30/15
Emily M Hewitt Memorial Scholarship 4/15/15
Engineering Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/15
Eula Mae Jett Scholarship 4/1/15
Executive Fellowship Program 2/9/15
Father Rutilio Grande Scholarship 4/30/15
FEEA Scholarship 3/28/15
Fifth Month Scholarship 5/31/15
Finlandia Foundation National Student Scholarship 2/1/15
Fleet Reserve Association – Branch 43 Scholarship 3/12/15
Fly Fishers Club of Orange County Marine Studies Scholarship 3/26/15
FNSNA Scholarship 1/16/15
Force and Motion Scholarship 1/11/15
Foreclosure Scholars Program Scholarships 12/15/14 Scholarship 12/15/15
FormSwift College Scholarship Contest 1/15/15
Foroutan Scholarship 4/10/15
Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship 3/31/15
Francis Crawford Marvin American Indian Scholarship 2/15/15
Frank Fata Scholarships for Language Studies Abroad 3/19/15
Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship 2/1/15
Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship 2/20/15
Frank M. Doyle Scholarship 3/1/15
Frank Newman Leadership Award 3/4/15
Frank Schatzlein Scholarship Award 4/20/15
Fred Scheigert Scholarship 3/1/15
French for Spanish Speakers Study Abroad Scholarship 3/19/15
Friends of Philosophy Scholarship 12/8/14
Future Counselors of America Scholarship 6/30/15
Future Engineers Scholarship 10/15/15
G2 Software Systems Scholarship 2/26/15
Galvanize the Future: Edgar K. Schutz Scholarship Essay Contest 3/31/15
Gary D. Klein Memorial Scholarship 3/12/15
Gates Cambridge Scholarship 10/15/15
Gates Millenium Scholarship 1/15/15
GE Foundation / LULAC Scholarship 3/31/15
GEM Masters Engineering Fellowships 11/15/15
Gene & Marilyn Nuziard Health Care Scholarship 5/1/15
Gene and Marilyn Nuziard Scholarship Fund 5/1/15
Gene R. Simonson Endowed Scholarship in Economics 3/16/15
General Henry H. Arnold Education Scholarship 3/7/15
General Motors Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 2/16/15
George and Beverly August Student Award 3/5/15
George M. Montoya Memorial Scholarship 5/1/14
Gerald Locklin Writing Prize 2/9/15
Gertrude M, Cox Scholarship 4/1/15
Gilman International Scholarship Program - Fall 3/3/15
Gladdes Neff Soroptimist Scholarship 2/12/15
Glady Agell Award for Excellence in Research 4/1/15
Gladys A. Moreau Scholarship 11/23/15
Glenn and Dorothy Dumke Fellowship 3/26/15
Glenn M. Nagel Undergraduate Research Scholarship 2/26/15
Gloria Mattera National Migrant Scholarship Fund 4/15/15
Goedeker's College Scholarship 7/31/15
GoEuro Scholarship 12/15/14
Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship 2/20/15
Grace Harrington Wilson Scholarship 1/15/15
Graduate and Young Professional Fellowship Program 3/1/15
Graduate Nursing Scholarships 1/15/15
Graduate Student Scholarship 4/4/15
Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship 4/30/15
Hampton Scholars Scholarship 3/26/15
Handloser Graduate Tuition Grant Program in Marine Biology 2/15/15
Harry M. Brandel, Jr. Scholarship 3/31/15
Healthcare Worker Salary Scholarship 12/31/14
HealthNet Endowed Scholarship 2/12/15
Helen Diamond Soroptimist Scholarship 3/15/15
HENAAC Scholarship 4/30/15
Henry & Chiyo Kuwahara Creative Arts Award 4/1/15
HFA Educational Scholarship 4/30/15
History 301 & 499 Portfolio Awards 3/23/15
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship 1/6/15
Horton Research Grant 4/15/15
Hospitality Management Scholarship 3/6/15
HotelsCheap Scholarship 4/15/15
HR Advisory Board Scholarship 3/12/15
HSF Scholarship 1/14/15
HSF/Procter & Gamble Scholarship Program 3/30/15
Humane Studies Fellowship 1/31/15
I Have a Dream Scholarship 4/30/15
IFEC Scholarship Award 3/15/15
IMA Memorial Education Fund Scholarship 2/15/15
In-Home Care Innovation Scholarship 12/31/14
Incight Scholarships 5/1/15
Information Sytems-Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
Inger Lawrence - M.R. Bauer Foundation Nursing Studies Scholarship 5/1/15
Innovation in Education Scholarship 12/20/15
Institutue of Food Technologists 1/30/15
Irv B. and Karen A. Gamal Award 3/5/15
Isabelle McCaffrey Horn Memorial Scholarship 2/9/15
Ivy M. Parker Memorial Scholarship 2/16/15
Jack Minar Outdoor Recreation Channel Islands Scholarship 3/6/15
James I. Murashige Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2/9/15
James L. Jensen Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2/26/15
James Madison Memorial Graduate Fellowship 3/4/15
James Stephenson Scholarship 3/12/15
Jana Carpenter Memorial Endowed Scholarship 3/5/15
Jana Carpenter Whittier Union H.S. District Memorial Scholarship 3/5/15
Janet H. Griswold Memorial Scholarship 2/1/15
Jean and Robert Blakey Jewish Studies Memorial Endowed Student Award 3/5/15
Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship 2/9/15
John and Flora Olsen Scholarship 3/5/15
John and Terry Milligan Scholarship in Physics 4/10/15
John B. Williams Scholarship for Literature and English Education 2/9/15
John E. Kashiwabara Endowed Academic Award 3/5/15
Joseph and Ducelia Contreras Award 11/6/14
Judicial Administration Fellowship Program 2/9/15
Judith McManus Price Scholarship 4/30/15
Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship 2/16/15
Julie Regnier McCoy Scholarship 2/27/15
JVS Scholarship 3/15/15
Kay Holloway Memorial Scholarship 5/1/14
Kenneth L. Marsi Scholarship 3/13/15
Kinesiology Scholarships 3/16/15
King Olav V Norwegian-American Heritage Fund 3/1/15
Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award in Physics 2/15/15
Kristin J Brown Endowed German Studies Scholarship 3/19/15
KSEA Scholarships 4/1/15
Kyera and Nicole Giannini Student Award 3/19/15
La Unidad Latina Scholarship - Spring 2/15/15
Lagrant Foundation Graduate Scholarship 2/27/15
Lagrant Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2/27/15
Latino Student Union Scholarship 4/24/15
Law Offices of Adam Perlmutter Scholarship Contest 12/31/14
Lester London Award 1/15/15
Levin Injury Firm Scholarship 1/31/15
Lexington Law Scholarship Program 2/28/15
Liberal Arts and General Studies Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/15
Life Happens Scholarship 3/3/15
Lillian Moeller Gilbreth Memorial Scholarship 2/16/15
LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship in Library and Information Technology 3/1/15
Live Your Dream Awards 11/15/15
Long Beach Cares Geriatric/Gerontology Scholarship 2/12/15
Long Beach Rotary Millennium Scholarship 3/5/15
Long Beach Rotary Traditional Scholarship 4/15/15
Long Beach Rotary/Theron H. Slaughter M.D. Scholarship 4/15/15
Long Beach State New York Club Scholarship 3/12/15
Lou and Carole Prato Sports Reporting Scholarship 5/29/15
LowVARates Military College Scholarship 12/31/14
Loy McCandless Marks Scholarship 1/15/15
LULAC National Scholarship 3/31/15
Luster E. Hauth Scholarship 3/5/15
Lydia I. Pickup Memorial Scholarship 2/16/15
Lynne Israelsky Memorial Scholarship Award 3/23/15
Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship - Fall 10/9/15
Mable & Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarship 12/31/14
MAES Scholarship Program 10/15/15
Maggi Ganssle Scholarship 4/25/15
Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for Dependent Children 5/1/15
Margie Mandelblatt Award 1/15/15
Margot Seitelman Memorial Scholarship 1/15/15
Marilyn Yetso Memorial Scholarship 3/1/15
Marine Corps Scholarships 3/1/15
Marisa Antonini Scholarship 3/19/15
Marjorie M. Shostak Scholarship 11/23/15
Mark A. Forester Scholarship 12/21/15
Mary Grossnick Nursing Scholarship 10/25/14
Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship 1/15/15
Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Awards 3/1/15
Mary Purcell Scholarship for the Study of 17th & 18th Century Literature 2/9/15
MassMutual Scholars 3/31/15
Master's Scholarship Program 2/3/15
MASWE Scholarships 2/16/15
Math Department Scholarships 2/27/15
McAbee-Overstreet Graduate Research Scholarship 3/13/15
MCO Scholarship 5/15/15
Measurement Science Conference Scholarship 1/5/15 Therapy Professionals Scholarship 12/15/14
Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship 1/15/15
Mensa Member Award 1/15/15
Merideth Thoms Memorial Scholarships 2/16/15
MesotheliomaHelp Essay Scholarship 3/23/15
Michael Monahan Memorial Summer Research Scholarship 3/13/15
Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Scholarship 12/31/14
Microsoft General Scholarships 1/30/15
Mid-East and Islamic Studies 5/15/15
Migrant Farmworker Baccalaureate Scholarship 7/1/15
Mike Reynolds Journalism Scholarship 5/31/15
Minerva Davis Endowment Scholarship 3/12/15
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship 2/20/15
Minorities in Leadership Scholarship 6/30/15
Minority Medical Student Summer Mentoring Program 3/12/15
Minority Scholarship Program 4/15/15
Mometrix College Scholarships 5/22/15
NACE LA Scholarship 2/1/15
NAHJ General Scholarships - Ruben Salazar Fund 4/14/15
Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship 3/26/15
National Council of Jewish Women Scholarships - Los Angeles 5/1/15
National Federation of the Blind Scholarships 3/31/15
National JACL Scholarships 3/1/15
National Sculpture Society Scholarship 4/1/15
National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Graduate Fellowships 1/27/15
National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Undergraduate Scholarships 2/4/15
NAWIC Founder's Scholarship Foundation 2/28/15
NAWIC Founders Scholarship 2/28/15
NBMBAA Graduate Scholarship 4/1/15
NBNA Scholarship Program 4/15/15
NHK Laboratories Inc., Award 3/13/15
Nicholas Perkins Hardeman Graduate Award 3/23/15
NIH Undergraduate Scholarship 3/2/15
Novus Biologicals Scholarship 7/10/15
Nursing and Health Administration Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/15
Nursing Education Scholarship 1/10/15
Orange County Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) Scholarship 1/19/15
Orion Fund Grants 4/18/15
Osher Reentry Scholarship 6/25/15
Parker Scholarship for English and Social Studies 3/5/15
Paul Frantz International Business Scholarship 3/12/15
PDK Prospective Educator Scholarships 4/1/15
Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship 3/15/15
PGSF Scholarship 4/1/15
Phi Delta Gamma - Phi Chapter Award 3/5/15
Phi Kappa Phi 4/15/15
Philip Ord Johnson Scholarship 4/10/15
Physics and Astronomy Department Scholarship 4/10/15
Port of Long Beach Scholarship 3/12/15
Presidents Scholars Program 1/2/15 High School and University Writing Scholarships 6/1/15
Proteus Inc. Standard Scholarship 4/3/15
PSM Scholarship (Starters) 11/21/14
Psychology and Counseling-Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
Public Administration and Public Policy Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/15
Pulaski Scholarships for Advanced Studies 3/15/15
PWQA Member Company Scholarship 4/1/15
Queer Advocacy Scholarship 4/16/15
R.L Delorme Scholarship 10/31/14
Randy Anderson Student Leadership Award Scholarship 3/6/15
Rawley Silver Award for Excellence 4/1/15
Ray & Marge Lancaster Scholarship 3/16/15
Rene Matos Scholarship 5/1/15
Research Award in Honor of Wilma Jordan & Margaret Heeb 4/10/15
RGRLL Scholarship 3/19/15
Rhodes Scholarships 10/1/15
Richard and Florence Scalettar Scholarship 4/10/15
Richard and Louise Wilde Award 3/23/15
Richard B. Loomis Research Award 4/20/15
Richard K. Leffingwell Scholarship 3/26/15
Richard M. Weaver Fellowship 1/14/15
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarships 2/4/15
RNtoBSNOnlineProgram Scholarship 12/31/14
Robert B. Henderson Award 3/13/15
Robert E. Foelber History Award 3/23/15
Robert M Odell Endowed Scholarship in Public Administration 3/26/15
Robert R. Sawdey Educational Fund Scholarship 4/1/15
Robert Thomas Holmes Scholarship 3/12/15
Robert W. Allen Scholarship 4/25/15
Robinett Family Veterans Success Scholarship - Fall 10/9/14
Robinett Family Veterans Success Scholarship - Spring 3/26/15
Roger F. Greaves Scholarships 2/12/15
Rolex Scholarship 12/31/14
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California Scholarship Program 1/20/15
RRVA Scholarships 5/15/15
Russ and Charlotte Lesser Family Accountancy Scholarship 3/12/15
Russian Program Scholarship 3/19/15
Ruth G. White P.E.O. Scholarship 2/1/15
Ruth R. Guthrie Scholarship 3/12/15
SAA Native American Scholarships 12/15/14
Safe Driver Student Scholarship 7/10/15
SALEF Fulfilling Our Dreams Scholarships 5/31/15
Salvatori Fellowship 1/14/15
Sam Torres Correctional Award 5/1/14
Sarno Graduate Research Scholarship 3/13/15
SBBWA Scholarship 3/30/15 Scholarship Program 3/31/15
Scholarship for Students Who Are Hard of Hearing or Deaf 5/1/15
Scholarships for Military Children 2/13/15
School of Nursing Scholarship 10/25/14
School Soup Scholarship 7/31/15
Schwallie Family Scholarship 4/1/15
SCMOTC Scholarships 2/1/15
Seabee Memorial Scholarship 4/15/15
Selected Professions Fellowships 1/10/15
SEMA Memorial Scholarship 4/1/15
Senate Fellowship Program 2/9/15
Senator Jenny Oropeza Memorial Scholarship 3/5/15
Senior Planning Social Work & Eldercare Award 7/14/15
Sergeant Major (SGM) Douglas R. Drum Scholarship 3/3/15
Settlemyer Family Scholarship 3/16/15
Single Parents Scholarship 6/30/15
Small Business Success Student Scholarship Program 3/31/15
SME Education Foundation Scholarships 2/1/15
Social Sciences- Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/15
Society of Physics Students Scholarships, Grants and Internships 2/17/15
Society of Women Engineers 2/15/15
Sons of Italy, Renaissance Lodge 3/19/15
Source Supply College Scholarship 5/31/15
South Bay Alumnae Panhellenic Association Scholarship 2/15/15
South Bay Business Women’s Association Scholarship 3/30/15
Spectrum Scholarship 3/1/15
SPS Leadership Scholarship 2/15/15
Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program 5/1/15
Stella Blum Research Grant 5/1/15
Stephen K. Hall ACWA Water Law and Policy Scholarship 4/1/15
Streamline Refinance Scholarship for Finance and Economics 12/15/14
Stuart L. Farber Endowed Merit Scholarship for Ethical Conduct, Civility, and ASI Leadership Service 3/27/15
Study Abroad Scholarships 3/16/15
Summer Research Diversity Fellowships in Law and Social Science 2/15/15
Superpower Scholarship 4/30/15
SWE Past Presidents Scholarship 2/16/15
TABC & Toyota “Let’s Go Places” Scholarship 3/12/15
Target Pathways Award 3/12/15
TELACU General Scholarship 2/27/15
The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program 2/13/15
The Wallin & Klarich Scholarship 4/30/15
Therapy Professional Scholarship 12/15/14
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship 7/27/15
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program 12/29/14
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/23/15
Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/23/15
Thriving Caregiver Scholarship 3/31/15
Through The Looking Glass Scholarship 3/23/15
Toni and Alex Horowitz Scholarship 3/5/15
Tony Ferris Memorial Scholarship 3/5/15
Top Ten List Scholarship 4/30/15
Tourism Cares Academic Scholarship Program 4/1/15
Toyota Scholars Program 3/12/15
Truck Accident Injury Scholarship 3/31/15
Truman Scholarship 2/3/15
Tuition Won't Stop Me Scholarship 10/7/15
Two Ten Scholarship 3/13/15
Udall Scholarship 3/4/15
UK Scholarships 1/15/15
Undergraduate and Medical/Graduate General Scholarship and Loan Program 1/31/15
Undergraduate Fellowships for Minorities 2/15/15
Union Plus Scholarship 1/31/15
United Methodists Scholarship 3/5/15
Verizon Scholarship 2/16/15
Vertical Flight Foundation Engineering Scholarships 2/1/15
Vet Tech Schools Scholarship 1/15/15
Virginia Country Club Scholarship 3/19/15
W. H. (Howie) McClennan Scholarship 2/1/15
Walmart Associate Scholarship 3/3/15
Wayne V. Black Scholarship 1/21/15
Western Association of Women Historians Scholarships 1/5/15
Western Civilization Fellowship 1/14/15
White House Fellows 1/15/15
Whittington Scholarship 12/8/14
WIFLE Scholarship 5/1/15
William and Janet Lahey Art Education and Visual Arts Scholarship 3/26/15
William T. Shadden Memorial Award 2/9/15
Women and Philanthropy Reentry Scholarships 11/15/14
Women and Philanthropy Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Scholarships 11/15/14
World Studio AIGA Scholarship 3/27/15
World Trade Week 2014 College/University Scholarship 3/20/15
Worthy Gemological Scholarship 1/15/15
Worthy Goal Scholarship 2/1/15
Wynston Award in Biochemistry 3/13/15
Xiaolan Bao Memorial Scholarship 3/23/15
Youth Courage Awards 2/6/15
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship 10/31/15