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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Listing of Scholarships

Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 273

Name Deadline
$500 Scholarship 3/31/17
10 Elite Scholarship Program 7/31/17
10 Warriors Scholarship 5/15/17 Scholarship program 12/15/17 Annual Art and Design Scholarship 5/31/17
2016 WebstaurantStore Scholarship 6/15/17
2017 Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship 4/30/17
2017 National Scholarship Competition for College Students with Disabilities 3/31/17
4WheelOnline's Scholarship 5/1/17
A Place for Mom Scholarship 4/15/17
A&F Business Consultants Scholarship 6/12/17
Advance Dental Scholarships from Advance Dental Clinic 4/30/17
AFTE Scholarship 4/1/17
AICPA Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students 4/1/17
AIFS International Scholarship 3/1/17
AIFs-HACU Scholarship- Fall 3/1/17
Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship 3/31/17
All About Education Scholarship 4/30/17
American Express Scholarship 5/1/17
American Patriot Scholarship 3/1/17
American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarship 3/1/17
Ampronix College Scholarship 5/31/17
Amy Kimball Memorial Scholarship 2/27/17
Annual CGTrader Scholarship 6/1/17
Anton Family Law Scholarship 8/15/17
Application.Careers $500 Scholarship Contest 5/15/17
Architecture and Drafting Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/17
ASNE Scholarship Program 3/1/17
Athlionz Sports Scholarship 6/1/17
Automotive Hall of Fame Scholarship 6/30/17
B. Davis Scholarship 5/22/17
Best 10 Website Builders Scholarship 4/17/17
Best Online Courses Scholarship 4/28/17
BHW Scholarship 4/15/17
BigSun Scholarship 6/19/17
BoB Scholarship 11/30/17
Boling Rice LLC Scholarship 8/31/17
Brian Zeiger Scholarship 4/10/17
Brick House Scholarship 4/30/17
Brunner-Brown Leadership Scholarship 2/27/17
Business Administration Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/17
Business-Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Byron Hanke Scholarship 5/1/17
CANFit Graduate Scholarship 3/31/17
CANFit Undergraduate Scholarship 3/31/17
Cangiano Italian Graduate Scholarship 2/27/17
CEA Scholarships 5/10/17
Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 4/1/17
Charles J. Argento & Associates Scholarship 8/15/17
Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship Program 3/31/17
College Scholarship for Students from Foster Care 3/31/17
College Success Scholarship 4/1/17
Communications and Journalism-Bachelors Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Computer Science and Computer Engineering Academic Award 4/1/17
Consumer Essentials Online Marketing Scholarship 3/31/17
Consumer Health Digest Scholarship 2/28/17
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/17
Crush The GMAT Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The GRE Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The LSAT Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The NCLEX Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The USMLE Scholarship Program 5/31/17
CSU Long Beach Scholarship 4/1/17
CSU Trustees Award for Outstanding Achievement 3/23/17
CuraDebt Scholarship 12/31/17
Cyberbully Prevention For Teens 2/28/17
Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students 3/23/17
Davis-Putter Grants 4/1/17
Deana's Wish Memorial Scholarship 3/1/17
DegreeDirectory Academic Business Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Communications and Journalism Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Psychology and Counseling Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Social Sciences Scholarship 4/1/17
Dental Professions Scholarship Contest 5/31/17
Diets In Review Scholarship Program 4/30/17
DocuTAP Scholarship Program 12/31/17
Dolman Law Group Announces $1,100 College Scholarship Video Essay Contest 3/31/17
Dolphin Scholarship 3/15/17
Dronethusiast $500 Women in Science UAV Scholarship 12/1/17
Edison Scholars Scholarships 3/23/17
Education and Teaching- Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Emily M Hewitt Memorial Scholarship 4/15/17
Emily M. Hewitt Memorial 2017 Scholarship 4/15/17
Emily Woodward SCHOLARSHIP 5/31/17
Employee Morale Scholarship 12/16/17
Engineering Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/17
Eula Mae Jett Scholarship 8/18/17
Executive Resume Writer’s Scholarship 4/30/17
Facing Acne Scholarship 3/31/17
FEEA Scholarship 3/27/17
Find Cosmetic Surgeons Schoalrship 10/31/17
Fitness Grit Scholarship 6/15/17
Flaming Lips Guide Internet Marketing Scholarship 4/30/17
Formsbird Scholarship 9/15/17
FormSwift College Scholarship Contest 3/15/17
Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship 3/31/17
Frank Fata Scholarships for Language Studies Abroad 2/27/17
Frank M. Doyle Scholarship 3/1/17
Gaining Power Over Life Scholarship 5/31/17
Galvanize the Future: Edgar K. Schutz Scholarship Essay Contest 3/31/17
Gene & Marilyn Nuziard Health Care Scholarship 5/1/17
Gene and Marilyn Nuziard Scholarship Fund 5/1/17
General Henry H. Arnold Education Scholarship 3/10/17
Gloria Mattera National Migrant Scholarship Fund 4/15/17
GMR Web Team Marketing Scholarship Program 7/30/17
Graduate and Young Professional Fellowship Program 3/1/17
Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship 4/30/17
Great Minds in STEM Scholarship 4/30/17
Growing Together Scholarship 5/16/17
Gurovich, Berk & Associates,APC Scholarship 8/15/17
Hampton Scholars Scholarship 3/23/17
Harry M. Brandel, Jr. Scholarship 3/31/17
Headphone Selection Annual Scholarship Program 3/1/17
HENAAC Scholarship 4/30/17
HFA Educational Scholarship 4/30/17
Hooked To Books Scholarship 12/20/17
Horton Research Grant 4/15/17
HouseholdQuotes Scholarship 3/30/17
How to Become a Technician Scholarship 7/1/17
Howard C. Christiansen Endowed Scholarship 3/23/17
HPR Essay Scholarship by hairproductsreviewer 12/10/17
HSF Scholarship 3/1/17
Humane Studies Fellowship 5/1/17
HVAC Denver’s $3000 ‘The Perfect Home’ Writing Scholarship 3/27/17
IAPAM $1,000 Scholarship 6/1/17
Incomecracker Start A Blog Online Scholarship 3/28/17
Information Sytems-Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Inger Lawrence - M.R. Bauer Foundation Nursing Studies Scholarship 5/1/17
Internet Marketing Review Scholarship 3/31/17
Jamaica Travel Saver Scholarship 7/30/17
James Madison Memorial Graduate Fellowship 3/1/17
JVS Scholarship 3/15/17
JVS Scholarship Program 3/5/17
Kerala Tourism Scholarship 3/31/17
Kestenbaum Law group, APC Scholarship 8/15/17
King Ice Scholarship 3/31/17
Kristin J Brown Endowed German Studies Scholarship 2/27/17
Kyera and Nicole Giannini Student Award 2/27/17
Lagrant Foundation Graduate Scholarship 2/28/17
Lagrant Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2/28/17
Laptop Scholarship for College Students 6/30/17
Law Offices of Jon Friedman Scholarship 8/15/17
LFP Online Writing Scholarship 4/15/17
Liberal Arts and General Studies Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/17
Life Happens Scholarship 3/3/17 Scholarship 11/30/17
Lucky Patcher 3rd Scholarship for U.S. Students 2017 8/15/17
Luv Mi Home Scholarship 6/30/17
Luxury Home Stuff Internet Marketing Scholarship 11/30/17
Manualbirds Video Scholarship 2/27/17
Mark A. Forester Scholarship 6/1/17
McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers 5/10/17
Men’s Health Scholarship 2/28/17
Michigan Injury Lawyers to Offer Bi-Yearly College Scholarship 4/20/17
Mid-East and Islamic Studies 5/15/17
Mometrix College Scholarships 5/19/17
Monica's Health Magazine Scholarship 8/30/17
MTB Challenging $1000 Scholarship 6/30/17
My Soccer HQ Scholarship 2/28/17
My Solo 401k Financial Essay Contest 3/10/17
MyLEDLightingGuide Scholarship 7/1/17
MyPrivateTutor’s Essay Scholarship 5/9/17
Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship 3/23/17
National Council of Jewish Women Scholarships 5/1/17
National Federation of the Blind Scholarships 3/31/17
NAWIC Founder's Scholarship Foundation 2/28/17
NAWIC Founders Scholarship 2/28/17 Technology in Education Scholarship 7/31/17
NIH Undergraduate Scholarship 3/14/17
North Coast Financial $500 Scholarship 4/30/17
NSA Scholarship Foundation 3/31/17
Nursing and Health Administration Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/17
Official Coupon Code Future leaders 7/31/17
Orange Home Grown Scholarship 3/12/17
Orla James Wedding Shcolarship 7/10/17
Ortho Scholar Scholarship 3/31/17
Outdoor Hobbyist Scholarship Program 11/30/17
Outdoor Living Scholarship 3/31/17
Page Law’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest 6/30/17
PayScale's Future of Work Scholarship 5/30/17
PDK Prospective Educator Scholarships 4/2/17
Pedro Zamora Young leaders 5/2/17
Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship 4/15/17
Personality Type Scholarship 6/23/17
PGM's Scholarship Program 6/30/17
Pharmaceutical Studies Scholarship Contest 5/31/17
Pick My Baby Care Awarding Scholarship 11/30/17
Picture Keeper Scholarship 4/15/17
Plaintiff Relief Scholarship 5/1/17
Pressure Cooker Reviews Scholarship 12/25/17
PrizeRebel College Scholarship 2/28/17
Psychology and Counseling-Master Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Public Administration and Public Policy Graduate Level Academic Award 4/1/17
Pulaski Scholarships for Advanced Studies 3/16/17
PWQA Member Company Scholarship 4/1/17
Queen Square Dental Clinic Scholarship 5/31/17
RCJudge Scholarship 5/21/17
ReloaderGeek Internet Marketing Scholarship 6/1/17
Rene Matos Scholarship 5/1/17
Restaurantware Icons Scholarship Program 6/30/17
RNtoBSNOnlineProgram Scholarship 7/31/17
Robert M Odell Endowed Scholarship in Public Administration 3/23/17
Runnerclick Scholarship 4/30/17
Russian Program Scholarship 2/27/17
Scholarship for Success 3/31/17
School Psychology and Education Specialist (College of Education) Transition Planning Training Grant 8/15/17
Schwallie Family Scholarship 5/5/17
SEMA Memorial Scholarship 3/1/17
SEO Services USA Scholarship 8/30/17
Sleepopolis $1,000 Scholarship 3/31/17
Small Business Success Student Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Social Sciences- Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
SonoBoom Annual Scholarship 3/31/17
Sons of Italy, Renaissance Lodge 2/27/17
Sophie Greenstadt Scholarship 5/1/17
South Coast Water District Scholarship 5/4/17
Spectrum Scholarship 3/1/17
Start Up Entrepreneurs Scholarship 5/31/18
Students of Today Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship 5/31/17
Study Abroad Scholarship 3/13/17
Superpower Scholarship 3/31/17
Susan Shulman Begley Memorial Scholarship 5/1/17
TanklessHeatersGuide Scholarship Program 6/30/17
TELACU General Scholarship 3/3/17
TetherBox Scholarships 3/31/17
The Abels & Annes, P.C. Scholarship Essay Contest 12/15/17
The Annual Kenneth P. Carp $1,000 College Scholarship 12/31/17
The Comfy Traveler Study Abroad Scholarship 3/20/17
The Compression Info Scholarship 3/31/17
The Consumer Home Decor Scholarship Program 8/22/17
The Forging Industry Charles W. Finkl Scholarship Program 4/15/17
The Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship Program 4/15/17
The Frank M Doyle Foundation Scholarship 3/1/17
The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship 10/2/17
The JVS Scholarship Program 3/5/17
The Law Office of Joseph J Lorusso Scholarship 6/15/17
The Modern Day Weave & Beauty Scholarship 11/15/17
The Nottingham Smiles Scholarship Contest 7/15/17
The Parenting Pod Annual Scholarship 7/31/17
The Pearl Source General Scholarship 3/31/17
The Robert R. Sawdey Educational Fund Inc. 4/1/17
The Samuel and Ann Van Til Scholarship 6/23/17
The Scholarship Contest from The Dental Suite 3/31/17
The Slickdeals Student Scholarship Program 4/30/17
The TFC Title Loans Scholarship for Financial Innovation 8/1/17
The Tivoli Partners Loyalty Marketing Scholarship 8/1/17
The Trust Compass $3000 Annual Student Scholarship 6/25/17
Tijeras Creek Golf Club Scholarship 7/31/17
Two Ten Scholarship 4/15/17
United Methodists Scholarship 3/1/17
Univison Becas Program 3/30/17
US Navy STEM Scholarship 4/30/17
Virus Protection Scholarship 6/1/17
Web Content Writing Scholarship Program 4/23/17
What’sFlame Young Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing Scholarship 4/15/17
William and Janet Lahey Art Education and Visual Arts Scholarship 3/23/17
Wise Company Scholarship Contest 6/1/17
Women in Technology Scholarship 5/5/17
World Studio AIGA Scholarship 5/1/17
World Trade Week 2014 College/University Scholarship 3/17/17
Wpromote Digital Marketing Scholarship 4/28/17
Young American Creative Patriotic Art Scholarship 3/31/17
Young Philanthropist Scholarship 2/28/17 9/20/17