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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Listing of Scholarships

Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 54

Name Deadline
School Psychology and Education Specialist (College of Education) Transition Planning Training Grant 8/15/17
School Soup Scholarship 1/31/17
Selected Professions Fellowship 1/10/17
Selected Professions Fellowships 1/10/17
SEMA Memorial Scholarship 3/1/17
Senior Planning Social Work & Eldercare Award 12/15/16
SEO Company Scholarship 12/19/16
SEO Services USA Scholarship 8/30/17
SGM Law Group Bi-annual Scholarship 12/15/16
ShirtSpace BiAnnual 2.5K Scholarship 12/15/16
Sleepopolis $1,000 Scholarship 3/31/17
Social Sciences- Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Society of Physics Students Scholarships, Grants and Internships 2/1/17
SonoBoom Annual Scholarship 3/31/17
Sophie Greenstadt Scholarship 5/1/17
South Coast Water District Scholarship 5/4/17
Southern California Mothers of Multiples Clubs Scholarship 2/2/17
Spectrum Scholarship 3/1/17
SPS Leadership Scholarship 2/1/17
Start Up Entrepreneurs Scholarship 5/31/18
Stephen K. Hall ACWA Water Law and Policy Scholarship 2/1/17
Stuart L. Farber Endowed Merit Scholarship for Ethical Conduct, Civility, and ASI Leadership Service 2/15/17
Study Abroad Scholarship 3/13/17
Study Abroad Scholarships 2/16/17
StyleWe Dreamers Scholarship 12/31/16
StyleWe Show Yourself Scholarship 12/31/16
Superpower Scholarship 3/31/17
Support Sobriety Scholarship 12/15/16
Susan Shulman Begley Memorial Scholarship 5/1/17
SWE Past Presidents Scholarship 2/15/17
The Advocates Scholarship 12/11/16
The Annual Jennifer Dean Community Scholarship 2/1/17
The Comfy Traveler Study Abroad Scholarship 12/21/16
The Compression Info Scholarship 3/31/17
The Consumer Home Decor Scholarship Program 1/22/17
The Frank M Doyle Foundation Scholarship 3/1/17
The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship 1/6/17
The Magnetic Trading Financial Economic Scholarship 12/5/16
The Matinée Voice-over Scholarship 12/31/16
The Modern Day Weave & Beauty Scholarship 11/15/17
The Pearl Source General Scholarship 3/31/17
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship 12/15/16
The Samuel and Ann Van Til Scholarship 6/23/17
Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Undergraduate Fellowship 1/13/17
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/13/17
Tijeras Creek Golf Club Scholarship 7/31/17
Top Ten List Scholarship 12/31/16
Transparency Scholarship 12/31/16
TrichStop’s Trichotillomania Awareness Scholarship 12/21/16
Truman Scholarship 2/7/17
Tuition scholarship 1/26/17
Tuition Won't Stop Me Scholarship 2/1/17
Two Ten Scholarship 4/15/17