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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Listing of Scholarships

Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 45

Name Deadline
Cable Tech Talk 2017 Scholarship 2/1/17
California Strawberry Scholarship 2/15/17
CANFit Graduate Scholarship 3/31/17
CANFit Undergraduate Scholarship 3/31/17
Cangiano Italian Graduate Scholarship 2/27/17
CEA Scholarships 5/10/17
Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 4/1/17
Charles J. Argento & Associates Scholarship 8/15/17
Charles Rangel International Affairs Scholarship 2/2/17
Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship Program 3/31/17
Christina Speaker Scholarship 2/15/17
Clair A. Hill Scholarship 2/1/17
Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship 2/15/17
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics General Scholarships 2/15/17
College Scholarship for Students from Foster Care 3/31/17
College Success Scholarship 4/1/17
Communications and Journalism-Bachelors Degree Scholarship 4/1/17
Computer Science and Computer Engineering Academic Award 4/1/17
Consumer Essentials Online Marketing Scholarship 3/31/17
Content Writing Project - Game of Thrones Scholarships 1/31/17
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Undergraduate Academic Award 4/1/17
Crush The GMAT Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The GRE Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The LSAT Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The NCLEX Scholarship Program 5/31/17
Crush The USMLE Scholarship Program 5/31/17
CSU Long Beach Scholarship 4/1/17
CuraDebt Scholarship 12/31/17
Cyber Security Scholarship 2/15/17
Cyberbully Prevention For Teens 2/28/17
DAAD Scholarship-Undergraduate 1/31/17
Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship 2/10/17
DAR Scholarships 2/15/17
Davis-Putter Grants 4/1/17
Deana's Wish Memorial Scholarship 3/1/17
DegreeDirectory Academic Business Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Communications and Journalism Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Psychology and Counseling Scholarship 4/1/17
DegreeDirectory Social Sciences Scholarship 4/1/17
Dental Professions Scholarship Contest 5/31/17
Diets In Review Scholarship Program 4/30/17
Dolphin Scholarship 3/15/17
Dorothy Lemke Howarth Scholarships 2/17/17
Doug Polly and Jean Han Student Award 2/15/17
Dronethusiast $500 Women in Science UAV Scholarship 12/1/17