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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Creating a New Scholarship

Information for Faculty & Staff

If you interested in creating a scholarship, we recommend considering the following items which will assist you through the process:

  • Purpose: The statement of purpose enables all those involved to have a common understanding of the goals for the scholarship.
  • Criteria: Decide what criteria you want for your scholarship. Examples of specific criteria are: GPA, academic standing, year in school, major, undergraduate or graduate, minimum number of units.
  • Funding: Determine where the initial funding will come from, what the scholarship amount will be, how many scholarships you will award and any restrictions on how the funding is to be used. For instance, if there is $10,000 in funding, scholarships are to be in increments of $2,000.  Please note that at CSULB named scholarships begin at the minimum amount of $2,250 or $50,000 endowment.
  • Administration: You must decide who will administer the scholarship including promoting the scholarship, receiving the applications, preparing the selection packets for the committee, securing a selection committee, tallying the results and awarding the scholarship.

To create a scholarship with a particular major or field of interest, contact the appropriate Director of Development to assist you in establishing the scholarship (ex. scholarships for finance majors are created though the College of Business Administration Development Office).  You may also contact the Coordinator of University Scholarships if your scholarship will be open to all majors and you would like the Center for Scholarship Information to assist in the administration of your scholarship.

Tips for creating an application: Be sure to create a clear and simple form that is accessible to all CSULB students. The easiest way to accomplish this is to create one application form for all scholarships within your college or department. We also recommend including a checklist if you are requiring additional materials such as letters of recommendation and transcripts.

For further assistance in creating a scholarship program, contact the Coordinator of University Scholarships.