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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Step 1: Looking for Scholarships

Scholarship Advising Handbook

Fill out the “Scholarship Profile Worksheet” (page ) to create a profile (the uses of the worksheet will be described in this and future sections).

Now that you have filled out a profile, let's discuss how you will use it.   There are two basic uses for the scholarship profile: Looking for scholarships and filling out scholarship applications (the latter will be discussed later in this handbook).

Looking for a Scholarship

CSI Webpages: The scholarship profile is primarily used with the Center for Scholarship Information web pages.   The categories identified in the “ “ section of the profile, are the same categories listed on the web pages.   Look through the categories you checked on the scholarship profile to see what scholarships are available in those categories.   You should review the categories that are appropriate to you on a regular basis (at least once a month).

You may also use the scholarship profile to search for scholarships that do not appear on the CSI web pages.   We suggest that you use the scholarship profile when utilizing scholarship search engines, Internet search engines, or other resources.   Explained further:

Scholarship Search Engines: Scholarship search engines gather personal information to identify scholarships for which you may be eligible.   Use the scholarship profile to sign up for these search engines (many of them have similar profiles).  

•  BrokeScholar

•  College Board

•  College Net's Mach 25

•  College Planning

•  Fast Web

•  Finaid

•  WiredScholar

Internet Search Engines: Internet search engines offer a large amount of information on scholarships.   However, the task of search for a scholarship for which you may be eligible to apply is an arduous process.   We recommend that if you tackle this strategy, that you get organized.   The scholarship profile will help you identify some search words that will be key in the search process.

Scholarship Books & Other Resources: There are many other resources, such as books and search services, that cost money.   Be aware that these resources may not be as helplful as they appear to suggest.   We recommend that you never pay for a scholarship search process.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid):

The FAFSA is the application that is used by university financial aid offices to allocate federal and state grants, loans and work study.   You may bill fill this application out online.   Some students neglect to fill out the application because they think they will be inelligible because of any number of reasons.   DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE !   Fill it out!   You may be surprised with the result.

Special Notes:

•  Be aware of having to send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) just to receive information on a scholarship.   Often times, the address may have changed or the scholarship may not be offered anymore, resulting in a non-response.

•  Be aware of having to pay money to apply for a scholarship.   Students apply for scholarships to acquire money to help pay for college.   They should not have to spend money in the process.