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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Contribute to an Existing Scholarship Program

There are several scholarship programs that currently exist at California State University, Long Beach. Each varies in design and purpose, ranging from helping students pay for the cost of a single textbook to providing a completely funded college education. The CSULB General Scholarship Fund, President's Scholars Program and Athletics Scholarships are considered high profile programs because we generate millions of dollars in support. Other programs have been created out of the generosity of individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations. We accept contributions made to each of these programs. Please view each and determine if this is where you would like to help students.

CSULB General Scholarship Fund

This fund is used to help the "middle" student. These students fall into a category that limits their eligibility to receive financial aid and, yet, they receive little funds from family. These scholarships are intended to help these "middle" students who currently must work to pay for their education. Contribute to this fund and help students spend less time working and more time studying.

49er Textbook Scholarship Program

The Center for Scholarship Information created the 49er Textbook Scholarship in partnership with the Forty-Niner Shops to help alleviate the rising cost of textbooks for both undergraduate and graduate students. The goal is to increase access to books so these students may focus on their academic endeavors and become contributing members of society. Contribute to this fund and help students curb the rising cost of education.

President's Scholars Program

This program has catapulted CSULB into the realm of great universities. Created in 1994, the program has recruited over 700 California high school valedictorians and National Merit Scholars. These students have helped create a stellar academic reputation at the Beach. Contribute to this fund and help us continue our academic excellence.


Athletics is the window to the rest of the society for many institutions. At CSULB, we have 18 NCAA sports, of which all are nationally competitive. We have had 12 National Championships and have been sending many of our athletes into the professional arena. More importantly, CSULB has increased its student-athlete graduate rate by over 130% with 50% earning over a 3.0 GPA. Contribute to this fund to help continue CSULB's excellent athletic tradition.