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California State University, Long Beach
Judicial Affairs
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Disciplinary Procedures for Officially Recognized Clubs an Organizations

When a student joins, or is in the process of joining, a student club or organization, he or she, in addition to the obligations, benefits, and privileges of membership, accepts responsibility for his or her actions. Where members act in concert with one another at a club-sponsored event, each member may be held jointly and severally responsible for conduct which violates any of the following, including, but not limited to: CSULB Campus Regulations, California Statutes, Federal Statutes, or Local Ordinance(s). In addition, the club or organization may be held responsible for the actions of its members and have a duty to comply with all applicable rules regarding CSULB recognized clubs and organizations.

I. Jurisdiction

T hese procedures  apply to  any and all violations occurring:  A) on property defined in Campus Regulations; or B) any violations on off-campus property if that behavior: (1) occurred as part of a campus-related or recognized event; (2) adversely affects the health and safety of members of the campus community at large; (3) is sufficiently severe or pervasive; (4) harms university property; or (5) is inconsistent and/or interferes with the mission of the university, campus rule or presidential order.

II. Authority and Delegation

The associate vice president for Student Affairs/Dean of Students (hereafter referred to as the dean of students) is the designee of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and has been delegated authority and responsibility to monitor the administration of these procedures.   The dean of students may designate the Office of Student Conduct, director of Student Life and Development or other members of the dean of students’ professional staff to investigate and adjudicate complaints against student clubs and organizations. During the pendency of any investigation undertaken pursuant to this section, the dean of students may impose an interim suspension and or cease and desist notice on a student, club or organization.

California State University, Long Beach, may impose sanctions for violation of, or an attempt to violate, CSULB Campus Regulations, the CSULB Code of Conduct for Fraternities and Sororities, California statutes, federal statutes, or local ordinance(s). In addition, violation of the following may result in the imposition of sanctions:

III. Investigation, Timelines, Meeting with Group, and Standard of Proof & Notice

  1. A member of the campus community, who believes that a club or organization has violated the regulations as set forth herein, should immediately notify the Director of Student Life and Development.  The notice to the Director of Student Life and Development may be oral or in writing, but must contain sufficient detail to allow the dean of students to investigate the allegations of misconduct or violation. Anonymous complaints of violations against an individual, club or organization are insufficient for the dean of students or his/her designees to commence an investigation.
  2. When possible, the individual(s), club or organization shall be notified  within ten (10) working days following receipt of the  allegations.

  3. The dean of students or his or her designee shall meet with the officers of the officially recognized club or organization, the complainant and witnesses.  The meeting is designed to determine facts, gather information and to attempt to informally resolve the matter.

  4. The standard of proof to substantiate the allegations is a “preponderance of the evidence.” The preponderance of evidence is a standard of proof which requires that facts and evidence supporting the complaint are more “likely than not” to have occurred.

  5. The officially recognized club or organization shall be informed of the results of the investigation and what if any, sanction(s) will be imposed upon individual(s), the club or organization.

IV. Sanctions Applied to Officially Recognized Clubs or Organizations

In the event that a club or organization has committed a violation under these procedures, the club or organization and individuals within the club or organization shall be subject to one or more of the following sanctions:

  1. Official reprimand (written or oral) (with or without conditions)

  2. Restriction of privileges granted to the club/organization

  3. Restitution, community service, educational sanctions, or any combination of these

  4. Probation for a specified period of time, with or without conditions

  5. Suspension of university recognition for a specified period of time, with or without conditions

  6. Total revocation of university recognition (e.g., the club or organization loses all privileges associated with university recognition)

  7. Any sanctions that are listed under Article VI. SANCTIONS within the Chancellor’s Executive Order No. 1098 (or its successor) “Student Disciplinary Procedures for the California State University” that can be applied to individual students can also be applied, after due process, to members of a violating officially recognized club or organization.

V. Appeals

When the investigation results in a finding of responsibility for a violation of the forgoing regulations and sanctions, the club or organization will be notified of the decision. Upon notification to the club or organization of the decision made by the designee of the dean of students, the club or organization may exercise its right to appeal the determination of the university.   This appeal shall be in writing to the dean of students within five (5) working days of receipt of the written decision from the investigating designee.  Within five (5) days of the receipt of the appeal, the Office of the Dean of Students may enforce the decision to impose a sanction, modify the terms of the sanction, or delete the sanction in its entirety. If an interim suspension During the pendency of the appeal, the interim suspension or cease and desist, if imposed, will remain in full force and effect.

  1. The dean of students will only consider appeals from the officially recognized club or organization charged in a case.  (Individuals charged with wrongdoing under Chancellor’s Executive Order  for Student Discipline are subject to the process contained therein.)  The appeal must be based on one or more of the following:
    1. There is new evidence that was not available at the time the university designee rendered a decision.
    2. The sanction is not supported by evidence for the determined violation.
    3. The university designee substantially deviated from the procedures delineated in these Disciplinary Procedures.
  2. The dean of students shall base his or her decision upon:
    1. The report submitted by the university designee investigating the matter;
    2. Any written appeal regarding the officially recognized club or organization submitted by the officially recognized club or organization;
    3. Sanctions imposed in similar cases, and any previous cases of misconduct by the club/organization charged on file with the university;
    4. Such other factors as the dean of students shall in his or her discretion deem relevant.
  3. The dean of students’ decision regarding the appeal is final.

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