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California State University, Long Beach
Health Resource Center, Student Health Services
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Sexual Assault Facts & Empowerment (SAFE) Program

Student Health Services (SHS) provides care and support for victims of recent and/or past sexual assaults. Through the SAFE Program, students receive a packet that contains relevant information pertinent to their special needs and questions. A Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor provides resources and counseling for those students focus upon transitioning from victim to survivor. Call (562) 985-1732 or go to the SHS website to make an appointment with Linda Pena, Health Educator/Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor.

What can I do to help stop sexual violence?

  • Sexual contact requires mutual consent. A person intoxicated with alcohol or drugs is not capable of giving consent.
  • Don't engage in any behavior that may be considered dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or any other form of violence.
  • Never use force, coercion, threats, alcohol/drugs to engage in sexual activity.
  • "No" means "NO!" "Stop" means "STOP"!
  • Confront friends who make excuses for other people's abusive behavior. Tell them that you are concerned.
  • Stop someone if you observe them taking advantage of someone else.
  • If your friend is intoxicated and in unsafe situation, remove them from the situation and get them somewhere safe.